Will Borderlands 3 have achievements?

I’m just wondering if achievements will actually be a part of the game on the PC side of things. I did enjoy achievement hunting in borderlands 2. But as we get closer to launch I’m worried about the features such as achievements that are still missing.

So has anyone* heard something about it that maybe I missed?


*Edit - fixed a typo.

For sure there is, I will definitely Platinum this on PS4. there might also be achievement via guardian ranks if that is your cup of tea.

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Yeah I figured there would be the BA ranks or guardian ranks now, just that the epic launcher doesn’t actually have achievements. So I wasn’t sure if there would be something in game to rectify that. I guess the BA ranks will have to do.

AFAIK, there’s going to be bigger EGS update in August, but I highly doubt achievement support is going to make it (especially now that it’s confirmed there’s no preloading for BL3, despite the preloading feature being marked as shipped). Epic is buying exclusives left and right, but there must be like one person working on the actual launcher.

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Yeah I think its still over 6 months away on the road map. It just sucks that we will be missing game play items like achievements along with the quality of life stuff like preloading and such. It will just make the game feel dated already if its missing basic things like this.

Talking of, anyone know if they’ve updated their development road map? The only one I’ve seen so far is from back in the spring.

Yes, they update their roadmap quite frequently, mostly adding changelogs and pushing features back instead of shipping them. I’ve been keeping an eye on it since the exclusivity deal was announced and it’s…super slow.
EDIT: Link to Trello roadmap


I have been watching it as well. But like you said about preloading not actually happening even though it is marked as a shipped feature, makes me loss hope that we will actually get much out of that list.

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Thanks for the link.

The slow progress on the roadmap IMO feels like they’re choosing to throw funds at 3rd party developers to have them not sell their game on steam over investing in the improvement of their storefront. Especially when a number of those features aren’t anything new or groundbreaking and are fairly normal in that type of platform.

If anyone’s interested, here’s the promised August update.

And to save you a click - there’s nothing about achievements.


Thanks for the link ThatJohnS, it seems like we just wont have them. =(

But games are pointless without that annoying little boop pop up when I do stuff in game! Everyone riot! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

It’s more about tracking progress and challenges. I never said there had to be a pop up. And no one is trying to start a riot over it, I was just asking because there is a lot of information on the game, it is possible that I missed an announcement on it. And I never said the game would be pointless.

You’re rather disingenuous with your comment actually. Just because you don’t care about achievements being left out, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter for other people.


This all is about 2 things.

  1. Achievements are on PS4 and Xbox One. That basically means PC version will lack features compared to console version, a feature each game in the canon series had thus far.
  2. Their absence is just a part of a bigger problem. EGS is just a barebones launcher and while that’s enough for some, it’s not enough for most people. You won’t even be able to preload the game because it’s not “up to the demands of a blockbuster like Borderlands”.
    And nobody is rioting here.
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There probably will be, when it finally released on Steam.

Unless Epic whips up crossplay for BL3 or something, that whole exclusivity deal was a big cashgrab that didn’t do us players and favors.

Epic wanted more paying customers on their platform, 2K wanted all the money then can possibly get. Since Borderlands is a huge franchise, it’s a win-win for both corporations.
Honestly I haven’t seen anything positive for us as of yet.

And the sad thing is, Borderlands devs get the hate too, even if they were just helping to make the game possible and have nothing to do with all this corporate bullsh*t.

The reply was more of a joke poking at the fact we’re concerned over achievements on the EGS when the store itself is missing multiple other items that should be a much higher priority and while on their roadmap, that roadmap progress has mostly been them pushing dates back on features when said features aren’t groundbreaking or new. They’re basic industry standards other PC distribution platforms already have.

As far as Gearbox or Borderlands Dev’s getting hate over the Epic exclusivity deal I think nearly all of it ended up on Randy specifically due to his social media posts.

As it stands now I feel like Epic has been choosing to divert most if not all funds for developing the storefront platform into cash to throw at 3rd parties for more exclusivity deals as they are still focused on saying they’re competing with steam while not actually competing with steam which would pretty much be like say Target paying companies not to sell their product through Walmart in order to boost their own sales figures.