Will Borderlands 3 have loyalty rewards?

Because Borderlands 3 is being released on the Epic Games Store I was curious to know if there would still be loyalty rewards for playing any of the previous Borderlands games on Steam.

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maybe after the year exclusivity deal ends with Epic and it can be released on Steam

It’s 6 months, not a year. :slight_smile:

see then that’s better, its only a 6 month wait

that means you can buy another copy of the game and get your rewards sooner

If there will be any, they are base on your SHIFT account.

полгода игра будет в гавеном магазине. с убогим фунционалом. и пол года придется делать йохохо и бутылка рома. а что я ? была бы игра в стим с удовольствием занес им денюжку ведь все части у меня там. а так полгода попиратичу а потом куплю в стиме.

I’m curious about this myself, should the game be installed on the same drive as the previous games or will it read your shift account?

i think the connection with swift will not work, did you say to swift: “HEY i got every Game from the Borderlands frandchise”, i didnt recognize this step.

actuall i have no clue how BL3 will see wich BL games youve already played.
The only thing could be that the game checks all of your disk if you have installed any other BL games, but sorry thats not an way for me, i have played every BL in every difficult but only BL2 is installed, so i only will get loyality for 1 Game?

Previous versions of this looked at your save files on the same hardware the first time the new game was launched. Not sure how that will work now that cloud saves are much more common. However, if loyalty rewards are thing they are highly likely to be confined to the same platform (PC, PS4, XB1) and tied to your platform account. I don’t know how that would play out for PC with the whole Steam/EGS.

Not in the Handsome Collection. It should be based on the SHIFT account in BL3.