Will Borderlands 3 Release @Midnight?

Might seem like a silly topic but I plan on doing a 24 hour stream on release. However, I am getting a little nervous as I purchased it through the 2K store (my fault I wasn’t paying attention). My issue is will the 2k store send out the codes before release so I can fire up the Epic Launcher and be installed and ready to go right at midnight?

Thanks for your help all and I look forward to seeing you all in the field.

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Don’t quote me on it but from what I heard it seems if you plan on playing it PC with the EPIC launcher you will have to download it once it goes live for you. As far as I know there is no pre-load support for it on EPIC. Though like I said i’m not 100% sure on that. I play on console so most PC specific news tends to fly over my head.

Thank you for the reply.

Initially I was told it was at midnight. Now I am unsure and I already promoted pretty heavily lol. I hope we find out for sure soon.

There’s no pre-load for PC via Epic.

There’s a thread, which I’ll grab a link to, and a tweet by Tim Sweeney.

Damn, which means I will have to download @midnight with everyone else and will delay the stream. Thanks I appreciate the thread. Not what I wanted to read but at least now I know. Thank you very much @Tokesy97

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Look at it this way… we may not get the midnight train to Pandora, but we’ll still be on the Mayhem Express on the 13th.


LOL, true but now I am thinking when do I start the timer for my stream haha.

I like your very positive attitude just wish I could be ready to go right at Midnight. I thought about pre-ordering on PS4 and then stream from there. Just so I can go right from the start. I will live I am sure. Thanks for being positive and brining a smile to my face.

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At a guess, it’ll largely depend on how fast the download goes for you. My download rate rarely goes above 5MB/s but I literally can’t do anything else, because it bogs down all non-essential processes like mad, including the mouse.

You could always hope it will Midnight GMT ;3

Since this there has been confirmation there shall be. @Valanze in case you hadn’t seen this.

Oh snap!!! Thank you so much for posting this. It is great news. I appreciate it.

It’s installing on my Xbox right now.

I am still waiting for my activation code from the 2K store sadly. I should of just pre-ordered through Epic.

I have my copy downloaded through Epic’s launcher… Took about 10 minutes to download ~56GB. Now just waiting for Friday!

What in the world would be the reason they’re not offering download ahead of the official release??? Wonder if it’s only on PC that this happens as all the games I pre-order on Xbox have early download. Weird.