Will Borderlands 3 Xbox gameshare?

My wife and I are big fans of the Borderlands series and were wondering if Borderlands 3 will be gameshare compatible on the Xbox one.

It should be, my buddy and I are sharing it, haven’t gotten my Amazon code yet though to confirm, will update when I can

Well it just officially released and no gamesharing. Looks like they’re being greedy with this one. Kinda sucks that they allow gamesharing with all of the other borderlands titles but not this one.

My son has been able to play the copy I own on our XB1 without issue. Haven’t tried co-op yet, but we’ve both got quite a few hours in the game solo. In this case, mine is the primary account on the box - not sure if that makes a difference?

BL3 does gameshare, I have 2 consoles in my home with my partners being my home xbox, she can get on BL3 with no problems hope ot helped