Will Chaos Rumble be permanent?

I gotta say I’m loving this Chaos Rumble feature. Suddenly que times are short enough to make solo-queing for pvp viable again. I’m not a fan of turning off the unique character restriction, but whatever. For shorter que times, it’s a worthy tradeoff.

So is Chaos rumble going to be permanent feature? I really hope it will be. I don’t want to go back to waiting 20+ minutes for a match. I just want to jump in and go.

I don’t think they will keep this mode, they already said it won’t be permanent… It’s way too unbalanced that’s for sure. Good for lore but that’s about it.
But I think this mode will bring back casual and competitive queues like we had some time back which worked the same way, just with the normal restrictions on character selection.

Please God no. With everyone playing chaos it’s impossible (literally, waited 3hrs) to find a non-unbalanced game.

The que times for pvp without Chaos rumble were too long anyway. This mode actually got them down to a reasonable level.