Will Deadlift return this Halloween? I need a better Jack-O-Cannon, do you?

I was a day one (or midnight launch) player of BLTPS on Steam PC version and wasn’t worried about finishing the game nor leveling up as much as the group of players I ran into in multi-player. I got hung up on Badass Challenges early on in the game after grinding on my BL2 characters BARs previously. Once I got to Red Belly and the infinite spawning midgets, I basically stopped story progression and leveling to earn as many weapon challenges as possible. I think the highest character I had was level 8 or something… Anyway, because of my dilly dallying with the challenges for so long, when they had released the Bloody Harvest Celebration in 2014 (see link)
the hightest weapon drop I could get for the Jack-O-Cannon was level 4!

Please someone in Gearbox land, re-release the Deadlift encounter this Halloween season so I can try for a higher level version of the weapon. I can’t be the only one who missed out. All the Handsome Jack Collection players, I’m looking at you! Make your voice heard if you feel the same.

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I’ll pass this along for ya, @johnzap!

I’d rather have the Ol’ Painful than the Jack-O-Cannon, honestly.
Jack-O-Cannon wasn’t great at all though it looked cool. It can’t even crit.
(Except with Nisha obviously)

What I want the most though, is the weapons we never got for events, like The Machine and the others that are unobtainable, they look so fun!


Machine, Wet Work and Boomacorn needs to drop in a event. Not the jack-O-Cannon imo.


I was a little late to TPS, so I would absolutely love to see them all drop for some sort of event.

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why not just have everything drop? Just go nuts for everyone who is still playing this game :wink:


I wish they would just add all the unobtainables in to bosses that dont have drops.


If they’re not going to do the Halloween celebration, I’m hoping they do another Loot Hunt type thing before the release of BL3. Hell, I’d even pay for a subscription for guaranteed loot drops! Love all the BL games!

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They also need to bring back the boss that dropped ole painfull and make it a permanent thing.
So when dropping in the pit it’s either Iwa or ole’ Painfull boss who ever that was call, and yes unassigned drops should be assigned to them. Probably not going to happen though at this stage.


All we have on this matter is a tease:

Whatever that means.

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Not to mention the level cap hadn’t been raised to 72 yet last year. Course, this just means I’ll have to get like 10-15 of them on each character, but meh.

Odjurymir. (Was I seriously the only one who remembered the name?). But seriously Odjurymir was a really really fun boss, as he resisted explosive (flakking wasnt nearly as easy as it is on iwajira) cryo and fire. This guy could actually be a solid boss on uvhm. (I dream of a day when we can fight both)

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No, I remember his name, I just can never remember how to spell it.

Yea, I really hope Gearbox does some nice things for us in the Pre Sequel. It needs multiplayer patching on the handsome collection. And the ability to get all the guns built into the game. And some events. I feel like once the partner studio from Australia closed, we lost whatever remaining plans they had for the game. Gearbox hasn’t done much for TPS since, that I can see.

edit: Day(s) later Gearbox released a massive patch for TPS and Borderlands 2 on all platforms. And then we got a Halloween shift code for skins. So, my post really was poorly timed. :smile: Keep it coming Gearbox.

We should be able to fight both at the same time because that would be one helluva fight.

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Halloween shift codes? Was only ever running 2 shift events too much?

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