Will Directors Cut Be The Final BL3 DLC?

After reading through the recent year in review post from Borderlands, one section in particular caught my eye.

In the closing statement of the recap, it is expressed that in 2021 we will be seeing patches, mini-events, and the Directors Cut add on. With no mention of any additional content the wording of this leads me to believe that the Directors cut may be the last content drop we could be receiving for Borderlands 3 and if that’s the case I am devastated. I’m really hoping DLC 6 is jam packed full of end game content because if we aren’t going to be seeing any more free content updates like Takedowns or even small DLC’s added like Headhunters this game will be dead very soon after the final updates take place imo. Leave your thoughts down below as I may be dead wrong with how I’m interpreting this message and I would like to hear your opinions on this.

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I believe so. Personally, I don’t mind because I’ve felt uninterested in the game. It’s sad we might not be getting new takedowns though.

Could be wrong, but I just don’t think BL3 will receive the same amount of content BL2 got. Don’t have the numbers ofc but from my POV, player retention is much lower this time around. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this is it.


That’s the hardest part to swallow for me. They swapped out raid bosses for takedowns and they can only provide 2 for the entire lifecycle of the game? I kept myself interested in the game by thinking about all the future content we could receive such as new takedowns and now I’m starting to have more of a bleak outlook on what’s ahead.

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Maybe they’ve got something else planned… Idk. Honestly I’ve said before here that the game feels like it’s coming to a close with the end of the second season pass but maybe Gearbox will prove me wrong and announce other stuff at some point. Or not. My comments are just baseless speculation but my gut says the game is nearing its end.


Honestly I wouldn’t mind if they started working on fixing the game before any new content gets released…

They’re obviously trying to keep people playing, but fail to notice the game is losing its appeal FAST…


My only disagreement with your sentiment is… I don’t agree it’s obvious they’re even trying to keep people playing.

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I think if they were trying to keep people playing they would’ve tried to generate more hype in their yearly review by saying they have more unannounced content coming in 2021. But based on how it was worded I don’t think they have any plans for content post DLC 6 which is a huge shame.

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The year review was more a compilation of the pats on the back they gave themselves this year…

I seriously remember reading those statements throughout the year… They just put in together on 1 page and act like they did good on :unamused:

Halloween event with new loot :rofl: goddamn trash still had the same ■■■■■■■ bug it had first time around…

I wonder if anybody is still believing their BS at this point. (except they themselves)


…there would be a lot less people on forums complaining (or arguing with those that complain) and more people actually playing. :wink:


Not trying to pick on you specifically - what exactly someone means when they say ‘fixing the game’? I don’t know, may be list your #1 thing you want to fix, perhaps.

I guess I’m definitely an outlier here - I still have LOTS of things to do in BL3 (same with previous installments) and I don’t find the game broken or unplayable, both on Xbox One S and mid range PC. Perhaps on the easy side right now, with all GR etc., but that’s not ‘unplayable’ in my book.

I have a topic on what they needed to fix… But they seem to ignore it…

Topic is from around DLC1…

Not going to keep bumping it because GBX refuses to listen… And I allready feel like a broken record listing everything wrong with this game every time somebody questions the fact the game is in a poor state

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Well, pick #1 thing on your list and keep asking for it. As someone who works with software product development - if you give me list of 20 non-prioritized things, you are not helping yourself much. Either rank them or trim the list. :slight_smile:

No. 1 was the damn NPC’s locking you in your room on sanctuary.

This was a problem since day 1 and guess what happened today when I was playing after some time?

Yep, got locked in my room on sanctuary

Also, it’s their job to find and fix their bugs…

Just look At mayhem… People knew it was broken before they even released the damn thing…

This probably gets too close to being ‘off-topic’ and might be best taken to PMs: but, IMHO, if this is the #1 item on the list of reasons for the game being ‘broken’ or ‘unplayable’, then BL3 is a bloody candidate for being a game of the century :slight_smile:

Story progression blockers, slow as molasses UI, system crashes, frame rate similar to a slide show, lost saves - that’s what makes game broken in my opinion. Being blocked in the room on Sanctuary by a NPC - while annoying, has an obvious workaround of fast traveling to the bridge and moving on. Annoyance and QoL issue - sure. Game breaking bug - really? :man_shrugging:


This is not meant to attack you specifically!

I think it‘s more the point that even without all the technical problems, that you can‘t even smoothly play this game because then nonsense like the npc blocking (and many other things) gets added to the list… and like garfield pointed out many of them are still not fixed since day 1.

Yes, you can just fast travel but I feel such a thing shouldn‘t even have made it past quality control because having to fiddle with the horrendous inventory just so I can spawn 5 feet away (and be locked out of my room) surely can‘t be intended. Just my 2 cents.


Which People?

Thank you :heart:

Exactly my point

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