Will DLC 3 have foreign language voice patch?

I know it is weird to ask, but I am foreigner with english second language. My friend who from other countries, Korea and Japan, is feeling weird not have voice act on their own language since that they had since day 1 playing bl3. How long would this take for getting voice patch?

They said due to the Covid-19 issue they were only able to get English and German voice overs with subtitles in all other languages. They did state that the other languages will get a voice over added in at a later date (not sure they stated any specifics)f


French Zane!


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press f for foreigners i guess lol

Thank you! from friend in Japan and Korea

It would be hilarious if the made an Irish version where Zane spoke in an American accent.

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I haven’t played the DLC yet but was I was just looking through the files and double clicked the intro video out of curiosity. All the files have the prefix GER (indicating that they’re German), but the actual video is in a Romance language (Spanish, I think - possibly Italian). Um, weird.

I hope I get an English version when I finally launch it in-game. :thinking: