Will Dr Zed Return in DLC4? </3

“I might not have a Med school degree, but when you get SHOT you’ll be glad I’m here”

If Dr Zed/Ned doesn’t make an appearance in the Last DLC will be extremely disappointed. He was my favorite character in the franchise and has been seemingly forgotten about. :confused: It’s even worse because leading into BL3 he was in the Commander Lilith DLC…

I know randy said the voice actor is having (issues currently but now resolved)but even then. It’s Almost like the story of BL3 was only in development for 1-2 years And this guy got sick at the last minute and couldn’t do the job?

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he will heal krieg (no he wont, lol) <3

Plot for DLC4: Dr Zed gives meds to Krieg!

Even if the character doesn’t return, it’d be nice to just get an ECHO or something that explains his absence.


I would be okay with that… but can we at least see Nurse Nina… lmfao

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Zed has always been one of my favorites. Dude is hilarious in BL2 so I’d def like to see him again.

Along with Axton and my boy Sal. I think this is a big part of my problems with BL3. There’s so much missing. Like I wanted to learn more about Vladof and Tediore but all we keep getting is Dahl, Jakobs non stop plus even more Hyperion. At least Atlas returned and Maliwan got a little shine.


Dont think we’ll actually see krieg because gbx said it’s from his minds view so I’m assuming literally anything will be possible, hopefully they turn up the wackyness to 10 for this dlc

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Vladof and Tediore need their war DLC together <3


Miss Dr. Zed so much.
Also i hoped we could go back to old locations on pandora… well.

This game lacks the love for its own past.

I guess the Borderverse will be buried soon since i lost all my drive to dive into the lore of this game.

With BL3 they dumped all the potential. If we don’t get Zed i won’t come back!


At least Fyrestone! This part of its theme song always gets to me. The feels, man!


Imagine a new DLC where Dr Zed needs you to protect/hide him because lawyers are after him with lawsuits by people that survived the medical experiments done by the doctor without a medical degree…

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Voice actor of Dr. Zed had real-life problems and was unable to provide a voice to him however he said he is alright now and wants to reprise his role of Dr. Zed in upcoming expansion packs.


Can’t wait <3

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i am more excited of what happened to Zed and Tannis budding relationship. Tannis took over so they might be an item already.


Who had Tannis & Zed as the new Roland & Lilith on their Borderlands bingo card?

Kinda hoping for another season pass with 4 dlcs after this one


Bro nostalgia was kicking in immediately!

Yeah, i really miss Fyrestone also i was wondering how the erdium outbreak would have further affected some areas.

Picturing it being a Claptastic Voyage type thing. Not sure if going back to that well is my favorite idea but it feels like where it is going.

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Gaige said she planned Zed’s wedding but he didn’t go through with it.

That’s right, a storyline was just dropped via idle dialogue in Borderlands 3. Shocking, I know.

OK that was a little harsh because of the circumstances but I couldn’t resist.


I did missed that dialogue tbh.
Very interesting.

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