Will Dr Zed Return in DLC4? </3

I also missed this!! Thank you :slight_smile:

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I missed Dr. Zed so much too.
He was the first NPC introduced to player in Borderlands 1.
Oh my god so much memories.
Please Gearbox, bring back Dr. Zed in DLC 4.

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They’ll likely add a whole shittton of new Zed’s Med Vendor lines, maybe make this a new Dr. Zed oriented dlc if they don’t just add in his character; I don’t think DLC4 is coming for a while yet either way and as the VA has said he’s back to work now, this would be an easy time to shoehorn him in hardcore-like for cheap $$ on the voice acting dpt.

“Hey, did you miss me? Probably not…”

Ah good ol times bl1 was such a fantastic atmosphere back in the time