Will FL4K be our Sniper?

(Where's lucky?) #1

So in the trailer we saw him with snipers, in the cosplay guide we see a sniper, hes a hunter who are typically snipers…

So far the 2 skill trees we have seen have not had weapon type skills, but I hope we get a sniper.

Amara however did have splash damage skill, and a charge time skill, both Maliwan based and she had a Maliwan shotgun in her pic…

If FL4K is a sniper its a good chance I main FL4K to start.


(jamesdoestuff) #2

i thought it would be zane but he is rocking those snipers, so you’re probably right

([In Memories Delusional]) #3

As long as Fl4k can handle any kind of Jakobs weapon, I’m happy.

(Isthiswill) #4

Maybe the skill buffs will be manufacturer specific more so than weapon specific? So if FL4K were to get skills that boost Critical Damage, Recoil Reduction, Reload Speed, and Accuracy, that would line up well with sniping, but also being precise and deadly with any weapons that aren’t based on splash damage (Jakobs). We’ll see. I haven’t looked at the skill tree info that’s out there. Trying to save a little of the experience for when I pick up the game, which may very well be a year from now if I stick with my Steam preference.

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(Jakobs Public Relation) #5

Well now. Now you have my attention.


So long as they don’t have a tree dedicated solely to Sniper Rifles/Skills that ONLY buff SRs then I’m down. FL4K has been my love since I first saw them and I’d hate to have my options cut by 1/3rd. Distance/long range combat? Frickein’ awesome! Snipers only? Nah brah.

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(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #7

In the gameplay-reveal trailer we can see him “call” his Skag and right before the Skag appears there is some kind of nova going off with cross- & heart-signs all over the place. Looks like Fl4k might be our AoE healer this time.
So we might have ourself the classy laid-back support sniper.

(Spacerobots) #8

I really hope they are a good sniper, I love sniper classes.

I’ve been really, really happy with… okay basically everything they’ve shown about FL4K. Snipers and maybe invisibility? Yes please. :smiley: I used to be expecting Zane to be the sniper, and being like damn it I want to main FL4K because their design is awesome, so Zane not being sniper and FL4K looking like maybe sniper has been a really pleasant surprise.

The skill trees we’ve seen haven’t had a lot of skills boosting crits yet. There’s that one Zane skill that has a chance to slow enemies on crits… am I missing any other ones? If it turns out they are trying to move away from skills that boost one gun type, I’m hoping FL4K gets some good crit damage boosting skills.

(sammantix) #9

And maybe some “aiming down sights” bonus. For instance, while ADS, Fl4ks eye circuitry focuses on their target??


I kinda liked that with Aurelia, but didn’t like it at the same time. There were skills that made non-sniper mag sizes smaller, railguns didn’t count as snipers… and the buffs we did get, while amazing, relied on crits, which were tricky to impossible to land on certain enemies.

But I do think it could be done, with a bit of finesse

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(also known as brandpanz) #11

If they are then I hope they’ll continue the tradition of having a 999-stack crit damage skill that’s super powerful but not necessarily needed for mobbing.

(Jburtard) #12

I like the idea of stacking buffs but I hate the long term stacking thing they did with Zero and Gaige. I think they nailed it with Amara’s rush mechanic.

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #13

I hope it’s sniper is not pushed heavily onto Fl4k. I want to play him 1st but have no patience for sniping (nor the aim necessary for sniping).
General Crit, Accuracy, and Recoil reduction bonuses would be fine if they MUST, as long as the words “sniper rifle” aren’t anywhere on his trees.

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #14

I can imagine them having a general accuracy bonus with an additional bonus when ADS-ing as well as maybe a trade-off-skill that reduces weapon damage, but heavily increases critical damage. I think 2 or 3 sniper related skills in 1 of their skill trees are fine when it’s not forced upon the player to play efficiently.

What I’m saying is: Gearbox should encourage sniping instead of discouraging the use of other weapon types.



(Aether Seraph) #16

Snipers only, kind of a deal breaker for me.

If you don’t like that then you don’t get it. And there’s nothing anyone can say to explain it to you.

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(Cam) #17

I have a feeling from the colors he could possibly use alot of hyperion weapons. Than again any weapon will work if it kills stuff.

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(David A.) #18

Eh, I feel like the pets would cause too much chaos to consistently line up shots. I could be wrong ofc but it’s not like they’re holograms or hold enemies in place.

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #19

I could imagine that Fl4k profits heavily from mantling as it opens more options of getting to higher ground. And when we’re above the battlefield, then our pets might not be in the way too much, if at all.


As far as we know…