Will FL4K be our Sniper?

So the other moving buff is damage reduction, ■■■■ yeah

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Yea now I’m really undecided. Always thought Zane is the one for me, but here comes flak with his skills and mechanics.

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Also this skill icon looks kinda similar to the one for Critical Ascensi0n/Wait for It. A crit stacking skill perhaps?
It could easily also be a cartridge of some sort but still

edit: the more I look at it the less it looks like a target board; my bad

Hah, yeah you’re right, I’m used to thinking of chucking and grenades(well, in this context underslung grenade launcher I guess) as “grenade damage”, but I suppose “splash damage” is just BL3’s way of referencing that damage type!

Yeah, that’s my assumption because we haven’t seen any specifically “grenade damage” boosting skills across 3 characters, besides Moze’s Pull The Holy Pin.

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I’l probably go for a Tediore MP that’ll chase my enemies down, hurling insults and bullets with equal consistency. :slight_smile:



I’ve seen FL4K’s skill trees.

Such a shame, Gearbox. I was so ready to play other styles, but no… unpacks the sniper rifle… it’s not allowed, huh? calibrates the scope

Well, you’ve asked for it!

That blows. I absolutely hate how the augments are restricted to the specific skill/skilltree. I absolutely want the Spiderant and the Rakks so I can have 2 pets at once. But this forces me to waste all my points in the sniper tree which I don’t want to do. This leaves me with just the starting pet and the augments in the trees I will use are also useless to me…

their trees seems to be focused on critical hits, health based, and pet support. To me FL4K seems more of a support class than a full on sniper.

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They are? They have no skills dedicated to sniper rifles (thank the Gods), they don’t increase damage based on range, they literally have no skills that specify a ranged focus, and while they do focus on gun damage, they can clearly be well suited to literally any type of gun such as shotguns which are close range.
And here is the kicker: one of their capstone skills is a MELEE override skill.

FL4K can be whatever they want to be. FL4K 4 LIFE

(cough) Anyhow, they do seem focused on damage and health regen which is done rather nicely IMO. I have a health regen focused build that uses Burst Aid (the MOST OP skill).

The build could probably be improved, but it looks decent for potential co-op or just solo “Skag n’ Grab” fun.

EDIT: the previous link to the build wasn’t working so I fixed it.


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Fl4k is everything I was saying a good sniper should be in Borderlands. They encourage the use of sniper-tactics without restricting the benefits to sniper rifles. Some of the skills even work better on SMGs like the 20% crit chance on every body part or the augment that let’s you shoot infinitely while cloaked by halving the duration. Also, we don’t know if these skills work on multi-pellet-weaponry but if they do, then a hit and run shotgun build should be viable.

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Okay I am VERY happy. :smiley: They’ve got crit buffs. They look like an awesome sniper.

I was a little bummed about the auto-crit things, like that makes sniping less interesting for me, but… what if not sniper for those. Think I’m gonna play with a couple snipers, invisibility, and a BIGASS SHOTGUN to use while invisible. Auto-crit on snipers is boring, auto-crit on shotguns sounds hilarious.

  • Characters with lots of crit skills in general tend to imply that they’re meant to be snipers (before you mention Nisha, I’d like to point out that Nisha’s starting weapon is a sniper rifle)
  • Sniper characters also tend to be great with all weapon types simply for having Lots of Damage™ (we don’t really talk about MOLMF anymore for obvious reasons but there’s a reason why he used Zer0 for most of his Does It Suck? series)
  • Turn Tail and Run’s gun damage/fire rate bonus while standing
  • FL4K also has no shield skills and has skills that give them more DPS if they have more health
  • Not My Circus and Galactic Shadow are about drawing enemies away from them

Ambush Predator says hello

Aurelia had that too
Also see Lethal Strike and Zer0 in general

Actually, “Ambush Predator” in the Hunter tree is focused on range. I also think that his invisibility skill is clearly focused on Sniper Rifles, since you can only shoot 3 times before leaving the cloak. Although, I guess it would also work well for Shotguns too. He also has several skills in the Stalker skill tree that provide him damage buffs when above half health and also at full health (“The Power Inside”), so I would assume the implication there is to stay at range and not get hit. While I agree that his skills are definitely useable with all weapon types, especially when you look at some of the mods, I think some of them are intentionally slanted to be most effective with Sniper Rifles.

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To be fair Moze and Zane have that too and augment flexibility is supposed to be Amara’s whole action skill shtick. At least FL4K isn’t like Zane where some action skill upgrades are actual passive skills that you have to spend points on.

edit: wait nvm augments cost points now?

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That’s right but I find it quite odd that the pets are choosable freely but then they’re also tied to a specific tree and the augments too.

Like you can take whatever pet you want with whatever skill you want BUT if you not also go down their accompanyin tree you gain zero benefit.

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