Will Gaige's Audio Issues Ever Be Fixed?

Been wanting to play her for years, but her broken audio for melee, jumping and running is too noticeable to ignore.

I’m not sure what you mean. I have a friend who plays Gaige a lot and I haven’t noticed any of those issues you mention.

The following audio have always been glitched on the 360:

  • Grunting when jumping

  • Panting while running

  • The grunt while meleeing

I don’t play this yet… :blush: But Gearbox are great and will probably fix it soon. If you want more help visit http://support.gearboxsoftware.com

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I play on 360 and I’ve never noticed any problems with those audio effects.

Now if you could turn off her melodramatic screaming every time she takes even the teensiest little bit of splash damage… Heck, if GBX can give us an option to turn off O2 notifications in TPS, surely they could do this? (And maybe it could turn Kreig’s raving retribution lines on/off too!)


Turning off callouts should fix that. Anyway, I play on the PC, so I can’t comment on the 360.

Gaige doesn’t make any noise when you melee or jump on PS3 either. She makes up for it when she gets a DoT.

I do get the panting when she runs for a long time though.

I don’t know if it’s a glitch, but this bit of silence is kinda welcome.

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So there’s an issue on the 360 and the PS3, I wonder if it’s reproducible on the XBone and PS4?

No problem on my 360. She doesn’t always grunt when she jumps, melees, or lands (thank goodness!) but she does do it, at least on my fully patched game running off the dvd. I would hazard that she does the jump/land sounds ~10% of the time, and the melee sounds 90% of the time if she connects with the target. Just hitting the melee button without a target seems to do nothing.

PS3, just checked again, I do get the melee grunts.

What’s odd is that she’ll occasional do the cheerful “Mm-Hm” when you’d expect a grunt or something. Then again, she is the youngest and newest of the Vault Hunters, so you’d expect a little more physical fitness and less “I’ve been puting my body through the wringer for 20 years” noises.

The only audio issue she has is when she first picks up the voice modulator. For the rest all her lines work like they should. On PS3 and PS4 anyway.

I know sometimes on THC, she’ll cut herself off or randomly yell out the end of a line (e.g. “poweerr!” instead of “unlimited poweerr!” or “… shot and I don’t care!”)

And not really the same thing, but I also noticed one of her melee lines used to be “bub!” but now it’s gone on THC. Rights thing, maybe?

My Gaige is rather silent most of the time. She’ll randomly make a comment when comparing weapons (like, “OoOoOo, numbers, numbers, numbers!”) but it’s rare. The screaming when suffering elemental DoT is 100% of the time for me, though; she’s always screaming, LOL. My favorite audio is the rare critical kill–she giggles and admires it, but I’d say I only get that audio 1 out of 10 critical kills (more so from Buffalo/Elephant snipers)… Otherwise she’s mute.

I could be biased, though, because my brother and I play Co-Op, and he plays as Kreig the Psyhco. Kreig who has SOOO many lines! He talks all the time! I just assumed Kreig’s vocals were overriding my Gaige’s vocals. Never thought otherwise until seeing this poster’s original post.

But then, I’m having issues with Gaige’s skill tree skills that were supposedly fixed (patched), but not for me (on XBOX 360 at least), so who knows?

I love when developers make their games work on multiple gaming systems (thanks GearBox, et. all !, Looking forward to ‘Battle Born!’), but unfortunately issues happen between programming.

Always a loyal player,
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Which ones? I play Gaige on 360, and haven’t noticed anything particularly bad since the October update. I wish they’d also boosted the radius for Shock Storm as you ranked up, but you can’t have everything!