Will gearbox ever fix the fatal error crash?

Will gearbox ever fix the fatal error crash? Because right now its pretty ridiclous. I play on Dx12 got an 1660s and a r7 3700x I know it aint my PC and i cant be the only one having the problem, my friend has been crashing as well. Is there a reason why it happens?

this is normally what we get

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From what I’ve seen reported, the problem is with dx12. I’m on a 2070 and i7 10th gen. Dx12 makes my game very unstable and glitchy on those specs.

I don’t lag or anything normally on medium/high I’m getting 80+ FPS depending on where I am and I don’t really stutter, it’s mainly the crashing. Isn’t DX12 meant to be the best one to use?

Technically it should be. I think the crashing has something to do with how the shaders are processed. There are other threads here that explain it better than I can.

I’ve seen it a lot less since the last patch. Also playing on DX12.

The reality is that while it looks like one bug, it’ll be caused by a varying amount of factors. Your machine’s specs might matter, they might not. I can say for a fact on a low-end (well, good, but just old) CPU that game stability in general has gotten better over time. That doesn’t help the bugs that still exist of course, but just providing some answers on Gearbox fixing crash bugs in particular.