Will grenades in our bank get the increase?

Don’t know how this will work. Can I sell the nades I’ve been saving or hold on and hope they scale if I found them in m10?

The game doesn’t know you found them on M10. So no, they won’t scale when the change comes out.

like allways GB says something but you have to figure out what half of it actualy means…

i’m not playing this game untill the patch hits… that’s why weapon scaling is a ■■■■ idea… hoped GB learned that by now… but seeing they missed the most basic stuff from the getgo goes to show they haven’t learned much (and are still throwing ■■■■ at the wall to see what sticks)

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Side question then:

Will the game tag guns m10 when that part of the patch comes?

The game tags guns right now with their appropriate Mayhem level, but only if they have one. A plain level 57 Mayhem 0 weapon will not have that tag, even if you got it in Mayhem 10 from a chest (because chests don’t give Mayhem level loot right now).

Since grenades can’t have Mayhem levels right now, any grenade – a Stormfront for example – will be pretty much identical regardless of what Mayhem level you are on when you get it.

Does that answer your question?

It does, thanks!