Will i be able to choose my team when playing solo?

Been looking around and obviously iv seen that the option to play solo is available, was just wondering if i would be able to select my allies/team in each mission/chapter to help me through the mission or if it will be a random selection to keep variety each time i play?

Personally i would love to select my own team of Badasses!!

forgive me if this information has already been spoken about, i am yet to of come across it.

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Got some bad news: bots to fill out your team are far from a guarantee right now. The social media manager spoke about this in another topic. They want them, but they’re tough to do and they may not have time to get them done. So we’ll have to see. They’re my most-wanted feature too.

I actually think this is good news, because the answer was “it’s something we hope to do” rather than “no we’re not going to do that”. I’m absolutely fine with it coming on down the road instead of at launch. And it’s a hard thing to do right, so I’d be fine with it if it took them another year or so. Well, truthfully I’d be fine with it if they dropped the idea altogether, but I would rather have it, and I’d rather have it good later than not-very-good now. :smile:

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Glad they haven’t dropped it completely! As I’m not always a fan of playing online all the time but would still like to have a team!

Like on lines good and all but we all have those days where random people start to annoy us so we seek single player to cool off :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll copy and paste my post from the other topic about why I think they’re needed:

"The more Randy talks the more two things happen:

  1. I get more excited.

  2. The more I realize this game really badly needs bots. It does. Randy was talking about team composition. If you play by yourself, you won’t have a balance of a tank, healer, DOS, etc. You’d be at a severe disadvantage.

He also mentioned that characters have conversations between each other. That’s a whole lot of character-building and humor you’d be missing by playing by yourself.

Please give us bots!"

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when you put it like that… Yeah it does really need them!!! But for 25 characters I can see why that would be a challenge!!!

Must say my fingers are crossed for them now!!!

Please Gearbox!!!’

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Bots are most probably in all likelyhood a pipe-dream. But I’d kill for some, and I’d be prepared to put down far more money than usual to get them. If Battleborn has any sort of AI companions to fill out usual co-op slots then this will be a day one purchase for me. I’ve been dying for a game like this that I can play by myself against and with AI heroes.

Unfortunately if it doesn’t then I likely won’t give Battleborn another look and discard it along with all the other games of this type. Going through the campaign by myself like in Borderlands just wouldn’t make sense in a hero game (for lack of a better term) like this.

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Bots are most probably in all likelyhood

I really hope so! i agree it is probably a must for the game, but also i am willing to understand it is a lot of work for the devs, as i would rather have decent bots come later than basic ones from launch. Because if the bots don’t act/play as the Hero they are then it will take a very big part of the games atmosphere away!

Does anyone know how this is going?

Any information i have missed?

Also if there arent any bots? Perhaps is there a way i can change my privacy settings of my game so i’m only matched with the characters i want to fight along side with?

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Haven’t heard anything official statements, i did had a discussion at gamescom with a PR manager about bots. The conclusion of the conversation was that bots are very hard to make. You want them to be good and anticipate things but you don’t want them to be that good that players have the feeling the bots are cheating. If they shipped Battleborn with bots they want them to be good. You can’t sell a game with bad bots.

nothing really new but that’s the latest info i have.

Lobby privacy settings will probably be like open/friends only/closed.
I don’t think you can tell your friend you can’t pick rath because reasons.
You can set your lobby to ‘choose any character’ or ‘all players (from each team - PvP) will need to play as one faction’

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Wild idea = Would it be possible to debuff or buff enemies depending on the number of players if bots aren’t implemented at release (as in BL2)? Then when a proper bot system is ready the aforementioned system could be dropped and let players choose their botty team mates (I originally typed teammeat there) to fill the empty ranks.

There is a whole gear system in place with buffs and some gear has the ability to affect the opposing team with debuffs. So the mechanism is there.

i know Gears of War 3 had a system that newcomers would get an x-amount of extra health and damage output to ease them into the game.

than is the question will de dev. incorporate such a system ?

Same here. I’m a solo player. Love everything about Borderlands. I’m really excited about the look and feel of Battleborn, but feeling a bit put off by the apparent emphasis on co-op.

The bot idea has me thinking back on Guild Wars and it’s system of Henchmen and Heroes. I got into the MMORPG thing late in life and Guild Wars was my first experience with that kind of thing. Granted, it wasn’t a true open world game, the explorable areas were instanced for each party, but that just added to my preference for solo play. And the Henchmen made it possible to play through the entire content without other players.

The Heroes that came with the release of the Nightfall campaign were even better because you could customize them… give them different builds, weapons, and mod their armor with runes and insignias, just as you could your own character. Way cool stuff.

Perhaps, if nothing else, there could be a core group of bots in Battleborn that allow for solo play. Maybe along the typical lines of the MMORPG “holy trinity” of Tank, Healer, DPS.

Thats already confirmed

Personally I don’t mind playing online at all since I always play Borderlands 1, 2, and TPS with my Girlfriend.

But I do agree that the game will need Bots for those who don’t want to deal with online drama or who just don’t feel like it.

i’m talking about playing with Randomers, not people you know :stuck_out_tongue: as i know for one now my mates and i all have different jobs and work at different times we cant always play at the same time. so it would be nice to be able to play with bots over playing solo or with randomers.