Will i be able to run it

So… I can’t run Borderlands goty enhanced but i really really want to play Borderlands 3 when It comes out, Will my PC be able to run It?
If needed i’ll send my PC specs

Crap :frowning: Guess i’ll have to buy a PS4 then

OK, if you think about it the game 100% should work on the gtx10 series as well as the amd answer with the RX570+ series so if you have a new(ish) PC (no more than 500$) you should be able to play the game above 60fps with high-medium settings if they make the game too harsh from spec side not a lot of people will be able to buy the game so yea :slight_smile:

Oddly enough I got a pop up with BL1 GOTY Enhanced claiming my PC didn’t meet requirements which was absolutely absurd. It defaulted everything to lowest settings and I had to manually max everything out. The game doesn’t show up in my Nvidia optimization app at all for some reason. Runs incredibly smooth without any issues.