Will I be able to run the game?

Can anyone more tech savvy than me help me out?
I read the recommended requirements but I only have 4gb of ram on this laptop. The processor is an Intel Core i3-3110M, CPU 2.40 Ghz.
Do you think I could try to run the game, at least with minimum graphical settings?

Probably, but I wouldn’t expect to be able to play with others. That CPU only has two cores, so you’ll definitely have issues with BB. Hopefully GBX will release a demo so you can try it before you buy it.

You do not meet the minimum requirements that were posted for the Technical Test. They may change as the game gets closer to release as things are tuned. They were posted here: https://battleborn.com/en/news/view/en-join-battleborns-closed-technical-test-on-october-29/


OS: Windows 7 x64-Bit or Later
Processor: Intel Core2 Extreme CPU Q6850/ AMD A8-3870k (Quad Core CPU’s)
Memory: 6 GB
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB free
Video Memory: 2 GB
Video Card: AMD HD 7700/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or better, PhysX support
Sound: DirectX 11 Compliant

Eeeeeh, those minimum specs make my PC look like a cardboard box with pictures drawn on it…with crayons.

This is why I bought a PS4. Yes it is technically inferior to a gaming PC, yes a controller is a sub-optimal way to play an FPS, yes it lacks mod support, yes the library of games is far more limited, but it takes all the guess work out of what hardware I need.

To answer OP’s question, I would say yes you can play Battleborn on your machine (though I would make sure to close any background programs). I dont know why @Gulfwulf said you wouldnt be able to play with others; your specs wouldnt limit the number of players you can play with online. Yeah, you’ll probably have to play at low or medium quality and probably chug around at 30 FPS or less. Also, being a laptop, Id recommend not placing the computer on a flat surface; place it on a raised surface that allows air to flow underneath. A big problem with laptops is the GPU overheating which reduces performance significantly.

You may already be aware of things like this, but I get around this issue by using a Xim4. I find Destiny much more enjoyable with my mouse and keyboard.

I could do this, but I grew up on thumbsticks. I know it’s sub-par, but my hands mold so comfortably to the controller. In other words, I personally can outplay myself with a controller instead of mouse and keyboard.

Not sure the number of cores will be a problem; the i3 3110M is dual core but it is hyper-threaded and so can act similarly to a 4-core CPU. That being said, clock speed is rather low, and the graphics part of the CPU is Intel’s HD4000, which isn’t very good even in terms of “APU” style graphics (graphics added to a CPU). It is DX11 capable, which is a plus.

But the Unreal 3 engine itself isn’t demanding in its base form, and Battleborn’s graphics may not be any more demanding than Borderlands 2, which I know will run on some inexpensive laptops at low settings, at least solo. The flip side is the engine Gearbox is using is heavily modified and may well be quite a bit more demanding. And the number of players matters a lot; having a total of 10 players may crush entry-level and mobile CPUs. Setting the minimum at a Core 2 QX6850 (don’t think there is actually a “Q6850”, probably a misprint) does indicate though that the demand isn’t going to be all that high CPU-wise.

Not sure how much effect having less than 6GB of system memory will make, but you bring no added graphics memory to the total so there is a significant difference between 6GB system memory + 2GB graphics memory and only 4GB system memory shared with the Intel HD 4000 graphics. Not good.

The tl;dr version - my guess is you’ll probably be able to play Battleborn solo, barely, but it will be a struggle to play co-op, and that team PvP matches will be a no-go.

I’ve watched quite a bit of streaming on Twitch and I have to say that my limited judgment of controller vs keyboard/mouse has really changed. I’ve seen good players use controllers so well that I doubt there would be much of an improvement if they used the K/M setup instead. Maybe at peak competitive play it makes a difference, but I really do think that for most games that a controller works for it’s more a matter of personal preference and what you are experienced with than anything else. :dukeaffirmative:

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Maybe Im misinformed, but how does adding more players to the game affect the hardware? I understand adding players to splitscreen slows it down because the game has to render multiple times on one machine, but how do online players affect it? Wouldn’t it be essentially like adding 4 more NPCs?

Because it’s the CPU that needs to handle the Internet traffic to and from the computer and I don’t think that particular CPU is capable of not only handling the game and its graphics, but also the information being passed back and forth. It might be playable offline, but I highly doubt it’ll be any good playing online co-op. I still wouldn’t buy it for that system unless I was able to play a demo of it first to see that it will, in fact, run on the laptop.

Ah, I was unaware that internet traffic had such a large impact on the CPU. The More You Know

Hey everyone! Thanks for the answers :wink: I’ve been gaming for 20+ years but I still know almost nothing about pc gaming so the help is appreciated. Regarding Battleborn, guess I’ll have to try when it’s released, since tuning might make it a little less demanding.

My bad, forgot to mention this laptop also has a 1GB AMD Radeon HD 8570M.

With a dedicated GPU I’d say youre good to play this game on your PC. But it might be time to upgrade…

Cool, that changes the picture quite a bit, and I agree with reincarN8ed, especially if your machine is set up such that it takes advantage of both the Intel HD4000 and AMD Radeon HD 8570M together. Some laptops do this kind of thing - but most don’t.

Found this site which might help people -


So, yeah, that site backs up what reincarN8ed and I both said, the 8570M will make the difference, at least in terms of graphics capability. Of course a very important part of that is your screen resolution; this result is for 800x600. If you have a screen with less pixels to render you’ll be even better off, but if it’s more, it still might not make the cut. But you can plug in those numbers and see what the site says.

Here’s another site I’ve used in the past, but they don’t have Battleborn in their database yet: