Will I be able to run the remaster?

Hi there

So I have an inexpensive acer laptop with the following specs, will I be able to run the Borderlands GOTY Remastered? I don’t mind going on low settings

Dedicated VRAM 128 mb
|Intel® Celeron® CPU N3350 @ 1.10GHz|
CPU Speed: 2.4GHz
4 gb RAM
Windows 10
|Realtek High Definition Audio(SST)|

I’ve read somewhere that my VRAM is too low, will the game simply not run(or will it crash) with 128 mb? And can I change anything to let it? Thanks in advance

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I think this amount of video memory should’t be able to run enough even standard version of Borderlands 1. In fact that GOTY Enchanced need even more, I guess my answer is no.

Do not even try to play it. Instead, just download the original.
Play the ORIGINAL, with this video as a framework.
Do what he says he does in the vido and the game works, as long as you have a working controller. It should even run better. Don’t think my laptop has more VRAM and it ran it like… Tolerable crap.

If I set everything on low, and do as lowspecgamer shows in the video, wont the remaster run pretty much the same as the original?

Tbh, the thing I’m most excited about is the mini-map, going back from BL2 to BL1, it felt like it was missing. And I guess there will be more players on online co-op on the remastered now

It’d be best for console. You could try it, but I doubt it’d make it run.

This comes at the worst time for me, I’m working abroad untill mid or end June, so I don’t have my PS3 or even a TV screen here, all I have is my laptop, and I’m craving to play some Borderlands! :smiley:

Do you think it could work to something like this? https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/video-ram-windows-10/

Its possible, but I have a feeling it won’t do much. Your laptop is very low end and this is a brand new release for decent specs and a decicated graphics card. I’m sorry.

Is there any way to be 100% sure about it, without having to pay for the full game?

Have someone who owns it try to run it on their laptop. Not much I can do.