Will I ever get (Anointed Extreme Hanging Chad)

Please for the love of god. Can we get a hotfix that adds anointments to all the items that currently can’t spawn with them.

My favourite gun (Extreme Hanging Chad) has been useless to me since It can’t spawn with anointments.

I don’t ever expect this to happen so whatever.

And Moderators prob gona flag this and shove it in a thread with 50k comments so no one will ever see it :slight_smile:


Indeed. Some of my favorite weapons can’t come anointed, thus making them less useful end game.

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It is weird… this seems like an oversight as opposed to a specific direction they have in mind for gear. As such, it’s probably near the bottom of the queue (along with some low level QoL fixes), but I’d be surprised if they never opened them up for anointments.

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probably not… they know about this and not a single one is updated even as far as DLC2

I too would love an anointed Chad! But more so… PA’S RIFLE! Dayum, that thing moistens my unmoistanables! :star_struck:


Add this to the list of “oversights” or “unintended interactions.”

Yes, it is dumb that there are certain weapons and other mission rewards that cannot be anointed.

I loved that sidequest! One of the few great things in the main game.

Never used the rifle after first level increase :unamused:

Or the seventh sence :confused: gun is so awesome but not usable…

And the higher they buff guns the worse this anointment BS is getting…

Hence why I suggest that anointments should only roll on non legendary gear…

And/or removing weaponscaling (with a milder mayhem scaling)

So many quest rewards not worth using for this reason alone.

And also the crew challenge weapons are affected by random crap rolls…

If you are not cheating your way to get them, you’ll probably end up with a useless anointment and have to play a whole new character for another shot…

I remember I got 3 ember’s purge… All with useless anointments…

Then found somebody who gave me one with the anointment I wanted (he probably used the read only trick) and then they ■■■■■■■ increased the level cap again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

After that I really started to hate this game and all the frigging BS wrong with this pile of crap

Pretty sure if they were going to add annoint options to quest gear they would have done it already. Seems like an insanely easy tweak.

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seeing the recent buffs… i’m thinking they are going to nerf anointment haha

some weapons from the new buffs work great for me without good anointments :slight_smile: