Will I get Alani on the 24th?

So, I game share on XB1. The person I game share with bought the Deluxe version of Battleborn, but when I load up Battleborn it is not the Deluxe Edition. It doesn’t say Deluxe Edition at title screen, I didn’t get the gold skins, etc. However, when I go to BB Deluxe Edition or Season Pass in the xb1 store, I can’t buy it I can only “manage” it. Has anyone run into this? I’m worried I won’t get the content for the Deluxe Edition and won’t be able to purchase it, bc my XB1 thinks I already own it.

Everybody will get Alani, actually. All characters are supposed to be free - without the season pass though you will have to farm the 47.500 credits required to unlock her :wink:

Yeah that’s what I want to avoid. Plus, I’d like her on the 24th :slight_smile:

I think you’re out of luck then. I can’t swear for it though, game sharing is a relatively new thing and I only did it a bit on Steam. Got the DLCs my friend had bought back then available to me.
However if you don’t see Deluxe yourself, well, I guess that probably means you only have the core game with no additionnal content and would have to by the game yourself with the season pass in order to benefit from it.

Yeah super weird. Haven’t had this issue before. Fingers crossed I can just buy the season pass and not the whole game over. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Go buy your own copy if you can. You can get digital deluxe for 40 (consoles) at Amazon right now.

Will have to see tomorrow if I get her or if I just need to get the season pass. Worse case will def by on Amazon. Thanks for the info!

You don’t own the season pass, so no, I wouldn’t expect you to get her tomorrow.

Yeah It’s a weird situation. Like I said, when I go to Xbox live I can’t buy it because it says I already own the Season Pass. I’d hate to buy it though and get her tomorrow, etc. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the info!

It should i alway shared with my brother and sure he wouldnt get the extra bonus thingy but he alway got the season pass.

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Yeah same here. Don’t think we’ve ever gotten a deluxe edition before though. Thanks for the info!