Will Iron Bear become the new Salvador?

i don’t have the game yet, but i probably will at some point.

something in Moze’s skill trees caught my attention.

the two skills, Specialist Bear, and Forge.


as you can see, i left it blank.
since i don’t have the game, i could only guess at which skills to use.

now, back to the topic.

by combining Specialist Bear and Forge, wouldn’t the result be somewhat Sal - like ?

Specialist Bear is just a generic damage boost. I don’t think Forge works on Iron Bear because it uses fuel to fire weapons rather than ammo.

Iron Bear is pretty decent until you’re in Mayhem. It can die pretty quick and the damage starts to fall off, though it was still doing decent for me in Mayhem 2 at max level. Durability is a big concern at that point, though. For playing through the main story it’s plenty strong.

ah, ok. was just wondering.
didn’t realize Iron Bear’s weapons used fuel rather than ammo.

I fear she will be much worse than Sal in the long run without some tweaks. Gunzerking was very gear reliant, but once you got that gear it was unstoppable. There were several benefits Sal had over Moze:

  1. No diminishing returns on skills. Which meant you could Gunzerk forever as long as there were enemies to kill. To the point that a lot of the time, the cooldown was finished before Gunzerking even dropped. The diminishing returns on Moze’s IB skills, couple with a longer cooldown, really hurt that.

  2. Sal had scaling with his weapons. I’m not sure how IBs weapon damage is calculated, but I assume they have their own damage, so getting a better weapon doesn’t necessarily mean better damage (unless damage is tied to gear score or something). But Sal had a huge amount of stuff he could use and be a beast and he could really take advantage of legendary weapon effects.

  3. Survivability. Sal was able to Gunzerk in FFYL, which was extremely useful at picking yourself up if something went wrong. But with the right gear, you didn’t even need to worry about it. Get a Ruby/Grog Nozzle and a DPUH and Sal would just heal to full with every hit while laying waste in his path. Plus, he was a much smaller target than IB. Moze is also very vulnerable outside of IB unless you focus on her third tree and she spends a decent amount of time without IB… which limits IB weapons a bit due to the way skill augments work. This may change later with more skills and gear added. We’ll see.

IB is fine for the story, but I really hope they make some tweaks for the harder content. Otherwise, Moze will probably barely use IB and the third tree will become the de facto go to.

The go to is simple grenade spam (MIRV Hex being the best) with the Demo tree. Vampyr heals health or, with a legendary class mod, heals shields (if you want to go the high shield capacity route). It’s pretty ridiculous. My Moze has a selection of grenades + a Ruby’s Wrath (x7 per one ammo) rocket launcher and just universally devours things in Mayhem. Rockets seem to bypass a number of Mayhem modifiers. Other guns are there for variety more than necessity.

I’ll probably spec back into the Shield tree just to have some variety, feel like I need to play the game/use a range of guns, and not be so focused on grenade tossing all the time. Watching a Firestorm utterly demolish badass health bars is kind of entertaining though.