Will it get better?

I got this game earlier today. I have played 10 pvp matches and everyone of them was a complete shutout. That says to me there is a serious problem with matchmaking in this game.

So was that just an extreme unlucky streak or can I expect most matches to be either boring or frustrating?

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It does not.

Welcome to Fodderborn.

Try to find a 5-man pre-made to join, otherwise, you’ve experienced what’s normal.


Nup that’s pretty much it. Matchmaking has always been borked.

However, was it always a shutout against you? Or did you sometimes steamroll as well?
Were you just playing incursion? Or other modes too?

Low playerbase led to them turning off ELO matchmaking.

Now the rivers run red with the blood of the new.


If you bought the PS4 or PC version, nope.

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Why would the platform matter?

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No it doesn’t get better

I was always on the losing side. I would just blame it on my general noobiness but I wasn’t always the worst person on my team. Also even if I were the steamroller I would be unhappy. I play for a challenge

I was queued in the random match option. So I got to experience frustration in a variety of ways

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This game is incredibly difficult to get into. I recommend playing with a friend who is experienced with the game. @PrinnyPaladin is a new player but he’s been playing with and communicating with several players that have been playing since day one and he’s doing well for himself.

What platform are you on?

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I feel you, it’s frustrating for everybody involved. It’s no fun steamrolling people and it’s not fun getting steamrolled either. And i know everyone says CR doesn’t make a difference, and that’s true to a degree, i still think somebody with a lot of time in game is just naturally going to be more experienced. Repetition can do a lot to make up for just not being as naturally skilled on the sticks. It’s weird how often it seems to pit grizzled vets against teams of fresh newbies. Best advice i can give you is if it does throw you in with some higher CR’s who seem to know what they are doing, watch how they are playing, speak out, ask for advice, etc. People are usually willing to share if you’re willing to learn :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the only real way to get fun, contested matches in Battleborn nowadays is to have a pre-made vs. a premade; which is unfortunately not a friendly system to new players, as it forces them to try and make friends just to compete with those of us who already did so. I am truly sorry for that, and apologize on behalf of every premade team out there, whether or not they feel bad about how this game treats new players.

That being said, it is a WONDERFULLY welcoming community once you integrate yourself into it. If you’re someone who prefers to play solo though, you are going to have a bad experience 90% of the time.

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Because for the most part, Xbox matchmaking seems more balanced due to the larger player base. There are five man premades but they tend to be rare.

Wasn’t aware the XboxOne’s playerbase was that much larger than the PS4’s. Interesting

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Matchmaking has big issues, since the playerbase is rather small. Most people team up to have better chances and a overall better experience.

So I´d highly recommend to search out for some veterans who are willing to show you the ropes. After all 10 matches are not really much, it will take quiet some training to get a good performance, as it is with most games.

Here some threads that could be helpfull:

Battleborn Discord to look for players

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How often do you recognize skilled players/frequent players on XBox? On PS4 it seems like I recognize at the very least one of the enemy team’s players every other game. And I know several premade teams.


Maybe it’s just me but for the most part I see lots of different people on Xbox and most matches I have last the 30 minute mark. Premades exist but are really rare and the ones I face don’t win a lot.

I mean, i can see there being less premades, because the majority of good players on PS4 communicate and lobby together to some degree (a lot of “good lucks”, “good games”, “i’m screwed(s)” over the chat, haha); but i didn’t think there was that much of a difference. I’d be lying if i said i knew how close the populations were though.

A few on my friends list but not like the gods described on other consoles.

Hmm, so, how do I start joining up with some folks?

I played a LOT of PvE when I first bought Battleborn, but now that I’m back I’m interested in trying PvP. Unfortunately, it’s very much like the OP described. I was just in a match where the only person that seemed to know how to play the game mode (something with masks, I think) cursed us out for incompetence and ragequit, leaving us with four people that had no idea what we were doing versus what I suspect was a premade. It was a massacre.

I’m not the sort of person that gets too salty about losing, because I’m not very good at PvP and I’m just here to have fun. Regardless, I don’t think it’s a good first experience with PvP. (Looks particularly bad for folks like me that have a few levels under their belt, but haven’t really played PvP - we get in there and people assume we’re just fools or throwing the match on purpose because we’re level 30 or 40 and still derping around the battlefield running the wrong way or dying to minions).


Its not just you, I rarely face the same people or land in a team with them, XB1 here too. My fiance plays PVP alot more often than me, but its very rare he runs into the same players.
(Though he had 3 games against @RayLightning, he is one evil Benedict! :smile: )

Much fresh blood here btw, had 1digit players in teams all week.

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