Will it possible to do a 4 player split screen with two monitors and two ps4s?

I want to start friday the thirteenth with friends to play the game. I’ve got one person who is ready to play, but if I got two other friends, could we get this hooked up? I’m not super tech savvy.

well as I understand it you can do couch co op and online together. so the two pairs of players would then connect with the other pair on LAN if I’m getting it right.

Short answer being yes.

tight. so to connect through LAN… I need to connect the PS4’s… is that right?

each pair would group up together on their own set up, then connect through the game. Again, that’s if I’m getting it right, I’m not the best at tech stuff either, lol. Though I’m pretty sure that’s right

sounds good. thanks dude!

My two sons are playing on the XBox one in the living room on that TV and will have an internet connection. I will play on the family room XBox one and TV and will also have an internet connection. They will start a game and since they are on my friends list, I will join their game and we will all play together. If my wife wanted to play she would play on my setup spilt screen.

I am older and my eyes are not as good so I play on full screen so I can read the small text.

ahh, tight. thanks for the example.