Will M10 enemy weapons be fixed?

I’m sure this has been said before but I’m not up to date on whether it will be fixed. The fact that M10 enemies have M10 weapons which kill you almost instantly is total nonsense.
Have the devs said whether they will address this issue? Thanks for any info!

Same frustrations here…

GBX knows, and it’ll probably be fixed in a big patch next week when DLC 4 comes out…

Here’s hoping they just scale shields to M10

Gotcha, thank you!

Yeah I guess buffing shields by the same amount would achieve the same thing, as long as they choose at least one method (and I guess I’m fine with both because that might allow for actual shield-focused builds? idk, maybe that’s too far) then that would make us able to survive for more than 3-5 seconds at a time.

Anyways, thanks for the reply!

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They would need to scale health as well and the damage of enemies not carrying guns. It could work, yeah, and solve a number of their problems in one swing. Dropping scaled shields at the same time as a level cap increase would also mean one less time we have to refarm and the shield break amp damage anointment would get a much needed buff.

In that case they would of course have to reduce enemy shield health scaling, unless you fancy shooting at Maliwan troopers with 20 million shields…

I’m pretty sure they meant our shields, not the enemy’s.

I know, but wanna know the reason why enemies get M10 weapons? Because they receive their weapons from the same pool that generates chest and vendor items. That’s why enemies suddenly started dealing M10 damage when a change was made that allowed vendors and chests to offer Mayhem Scaled gear. If shields were to suddenly receive Mayhem scaling, not giving enemies that scaling wouldn’t be any easier than not giving enemies weapon scaling.

Ah I see your point. Yes, it’s possible they’d get it too. Hmm, tricky. Well hopefully they’ll work it out.

If they dont fix it they should just call it op10 with crappy modifiers instead lul

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Except mayhem shield and armour boosts could be reduced from 10000% on m10 to say 5000%, leaving health at 10000%. That way the beefiness of m10 scaled shields would be offset.

Though personally I am fine as it is. M10 should have more jeopardy than just beefier enemies. Scaling shield damage would be good though and could probably be achieved by having it relative to the mayhem level, say as a percentage over m0 damage numbers.

Good points all around from everyone here, I agree enemies dealing more damage than they do at mayhem 0 would be fine, and any other creative ways they could make it more difficult, though those seem hard to pull off and I’m personally not a fan of difficulty in this game being locked together with whacky modifiers - but that’s a different discussion. It seems we mostly/almost agree that enemies having M10 weapons is too much though, it just gates the game to more lifegain builds IMO. But that is great they’re addressing it!

I do hope they fix it, the way it is right now is kinda obnoxiously inconsistent.

I would think fixing enemy guns so they don’t spawn with the special mayhem part would be a much easier fix to implement than scale up player shields and then try to scale up all the other enemy attack damage sources to match… damage sources which include melee, AOE attacks, critter vomit, countless unique boss attack mechanics, etc. And then there’s also environmental damage from barrels, elemental pools, etc. Those would have to be scaled up too, to keep things even. It’s all too much to try to corral and try to make it all place nice together.

In regards to shields though, I really hope they are able to scale up the damage nova/spike/etc shields deal.


It has been 4 months since June 25 (when the bug started) and it’s not fixed yet. It should have been dealt with already :confused:


I’m wondering if not. A lot of people have adjusted to M10 now so M11, without modifiers, will nerf the difficulty enough that reducing enemy damage would just make things too easy.


Disagree enemy weapon scaling should not be a difficulty modifier because shields don’t scale in their capacity. M10 shield is supposed to be more than double of what we wear now. Difficulty should come from different things than enemies hit for gazziloon DMG use life steal or gtfo is not a good design

I wish I shared your confidence.

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I’m ok as long as they do something about it, whether fix the issue or scale up other damage sources. For example a skag chomping on you does the same damage on non-mayhem as M10, but a chump with a pistol will tear through your shield like tissue paper on M10. Consistency is all I ask for. :smiley:

I mean, I have no idea what the code looks like obviously. But it seems to me this would be a relatively easy fix. Remember, when M2.0 first dropped, gear from certain sources (vending machines, chests) were lacking that special hidden mayhem part that gave mayhem damage. They fixed that. All they have to do is tell the game’s gear generator to skip the mayhem part for gear going into enemies’ hands; kind of like that chest/vendor fix in reverse.

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I’m not sure how complicated it is, but who knows? We could get something in the November patch? They’ve given us shield scaling and just about everything else we’ve asked for in relation to Mayhem scaling, this one may just be slightly more complicated.

It doesn’t seem like there is anyone at Gearbox in overall charge of the state of Borderlands 3. Just random people thrown at it from time to time and a group charged with creating new ‘features’ to get some more spending. As for actual ‘support’, it seems vanishingly small.