Will Mr.Blake make a physical appearance in BL3

If you didn’t know when you do the Hyperion loyalty challenge he is the one who signs the letter sent to your mail with your reward.

This may sound a bit odd by I found him to be one of the more amusing background characters in the series. His tone, he attitude, and honestly how smart he is really made me rather fond of him dispite his employer. I would love of they used him as an antagonist for another DLC where we get to see more of him and how he acts when he has the spotlight.


I can get behind this. I enjoyed his appearance in the first game and his voice recordings in the second.

I ghost wrote this thread. :joy_cat:

But in all seriousness I hope so. I loved the claptrap dlc in bl1.

Possible. I mean, the first DLC is hyperion-based and he’s essentially the most important Hyperion character still alive.

He is one of my favorite background characters, too. I’d hate for him to be an actual villain, though.