Will nades on nades good

Ok everyone knows this choice that is inferior to napalm due to its wave clear and burst, but as I hope we all assume, nades on nades should be great single burst and lesser wave clear with napalm being opposite

So here it is,will nades on nades be viable and does it get its job done, or will it be useless compared to napalm still

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Well it kind of cones down to what adds the most to what Oscar can do. Nades on nades is ok but I still think napalm will be my go to simply because I think it’s just better for him. Oscar imo doesn’t need more burst he needs lane clear

I havent tested it correctly, just tryed it after the buff and didnt like it! Maybe is stronger but, if they dont hit your target is a waste of dmg.

It would need to explode in the center and drop little bombs that explode inmedialty increasimg its área for a single burst dmg. Instead it explodes and bounce in ackward direction Makin it hard to land or hit what you need.

Is like wft grande mutation, you hit your target but instead of split on the target and stick they rain around the target, even with slow they can just run and avoid the aoe.

Tomorrow ill test it and check its dmg with lvl 1 right hélix for the best skill dmg

If it’s true that all AE except Shadowfire is getting nerfed, things may change with Oscar Mike soon…

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That’s what im thinking, plus I swear I did big damaged when an attikus was chasing me

Nades on Nades needs to not have a cap in damage. And the individual grenades need to do a little bit more damage.

As it stands:
Explode (for full damage?)
The drop 5 little grenades in an unreliable pattern (even after the buff)
Max of 50% bonus damage to any one target.

Just as a reminder: Grenade damage is 208 at level 2 when you get Napalm
Napalm does 720 damage over 6 seconds, which is 120 per second

This means that:


So, to reiterate, my fix (keeping the current mechanic):

This gives a theoretical maximum of 520 damage at level 2, still less than the damage from JUST napalm, but it’s burst so, that’s okay.

My preferred fix would be to rework the talent entirely and make it so that you have two shots instead of one on a single cooldown. (kind of like Whiskey, but without the delay between charges).

I would like to keep how it currently works, and the percent change sounds good, the nades should explode faster, 520 sounds good for a normal burst damage so I agree