Will new Characters will be introduced

I wanted to know if additional heroes are gonna be added. i read somewhere 5 more are coming out as well. Borderlands had only 6 champs if i recall correctly. But this being a mix of moba i would definitely love to see more heroes added. After a while the same roster picks will get a bit to mundane. And will these heroes be free or we will have to keep buying dlc’s for them .

Yap 5 additional chars were confirmed post launch. You can read about other disclosed post launch things here:

The five additional characters will be free but require unlocking through challenges or (assumingly) rank; if you buy the Season Pass you’ll have instant access to them as they become available

1 of the 5 will actually be available at launch.

Really? Are you speaking of Alani? I thought she wasn’t to be released until some time after the game? Is this confirmed? Cause I wanna play some Alani!

Hmmm, I’d thought so, but now I can’t find any evidence of it. Could be mistaken.

She won’t be available at launch, but PS4 players who did the Beta won’t have to unlock her when she is released. That might be where the confusion came from

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Thanks, I don’t want to be getting overly excited only to be let down. I’m hoping Alani comes out great!

As a Miko player, and an Eldrid lover… I am extremely, EXTREMELY exited for Alani. Already love her design(like every other Eldrid characters design. :mushroom: )

Anyways, for anyone not wanting to read the whole page about characters:

“Gamers can expect five more heroes hitting after launch – completely
FREE – for all platforms, bringing the total roster to 30! And that’s
just the beginning of many free updates we’re planning. Competitive
multiplayer modes, maps, balance updates, and community features will
also be free.”

And about immediately unlocking Alani for PS4 players:
"We’ll have more info on Alani, including her release date, as we get
closer to launch. In the meantime, PlayStation 4 players who participate
in the upcoming Open Beta will instantly-unlock Alani once she’s
available after launch, saving players the time it takes to earn her
through playing the game. PlayStation 4 players who participate in the
upcoming Open Beta and also purchase the Season Pass will receive a hero
unlock key allowing you to instantly unlock any hero in the game.
I found it here: