Will NLIPS still be a configurable setting?

Not sure about the rest, but I always turned off Non-Linear Inverse Perspective Scaling (NLIPS). It felt more real to me to watch fleet actions occur at proper scale.

Probably a silly question, but just wanted to make sure this was still present in the game.


yes, I disliked that functionality too.

Considering that it was an option in HW2’s menus, I’d expect ti to be available as a toggle for everything but HW1C

Seeing as the option is present in the PAX gameplay video I assume you can still turn it off. :wink:

Yaaaay! Very excite.

If anyone new to this, here some comparison:

NLIPS off:

Don’t want to create new topic, so i ask here, if there will be option to turn off SkyBoxes (Background images in Homeworld 1) ? I know that developers put a lot of work on them too, but sometimes (often in skirmish mode) i like to play with only stars visible… Or maybe they can add that option for custom backgrounds ? Or easy tool to mod them? :slight_smile:

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I wish i could have turned them off in HW2. The excessive nebula was a little over the top. HW1 was perfect (tho dated now). Space is mostly black. Not bright yellow.

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No NLIPS and forcing highest models quality at any distance in Homeworld 1 made it look soo much better it’s insane.
It literally feels like a different game, especially at the average camera distance from the action/ships, say some kms, texture and models are still mostly ok. Well there’s still a lot to improve in shadows and lights but considering this is a 16 years old engine… not bad at all.

You consumed the Garden?!?!?


Who dares?! My migthy Kadesh cruiser will crush anyone and everywhere!!

Lol, besides the Garden-Nebula is quite large but not as big as the Galaxy… you can actually see it in it’s entirety in the previous missions backgrounds: it’s just a large red spot near the core.
Still astronomically big tough, we are talking many hundreds-thousands light years, then you wonder who dares say all the Protectors in it are gone…

Yes, but one of the things that i loved in homeworld is that they made space seem not empty. The background such as the ones shown at karos made my ships feel large, and at the same time. small. I just loved how they showed space as not just pitch black, but full, and rich with stuff waiting to be explored. That is why i think homeworld looks much better then any other space game on the market.

Yup, I ate it all… The Kadeshi while i was at it too. They were tasty. :wink:

HW1 got it right. In the first mission you start at the edge of the galaxy, and space was black. As you got closer to the center things got a little brighter. That was cool.

HW2 on the other hand went NUTS with the nebula, and overly bright colors. In HW2 Space is Yellow, and i think this topic has been Hijacked.


to be fair, hw2 did take place mostly within the inner reaches of the galaxy.

I agree. HW2 went overboard with the yellow/orange colors and middle eastern music. It no longer felt like sci-fi.

Really? Soundrack in H1 is more sci-fi than H2 ? Good joke :slight_smile:


HW 1 may not have been sci fi, but it was pretty damn good.