Will NOT purchase Battleborn - Unless This is Addressed

I just ran into a huge deal breaker while trying to play VS Mode Online. I was unable to select the character I wanted to play and decided to back out and find another match so I could play with the character I wanted to select. The game will not let you join another Game??? I am prompted with the ONLY option: to play the game I backed out of, OR play nothing at all until the match I left is completed???

I understand the need to limit people from backing out of a match. But, technically it hadn’t even began. We were only in the character select screen. I assumed with today’s savvy technology, that another player in Queue would kindly be put into place when I dipped out. BEFORE the match even began.

Instead, I am forced to join only the match I left and select a character I don’t want? Or wait until the match I don’t want to play ends? Who’s idea was this? Have them read this next line >>>>> I WILL NOT PURCHASE BATTLEBORN UNTIL YOU COME UP WITH A BETTER SOLUTION.


Maybe they could let you choose the character you want before you even enter the match. Like an auto select. It can choose a match with other players who’s choices don’t compete with yours.


This was likely added for the express purpose of people like you who will force the rest of the team to play at an extreme disadvantage, purely you refuse to experience the other 95% of characters.


Let’s discuss the game. Not other forum users.

Well, i did mention that another player from the queue should be allowed to enter. thus eliminating any EXTREME disadvantage by being a man down. it’s called. INSTANT PLAY.

thank you.

And maybe cut down on the capslock? It’s looks like shouting.

i AM SHOUTING. thanks

I disagree completely with this. There are tons of characters for a reason, surely you know how to play more than one. Yes we know you want to play X character but we dont always get what we want. Surely you can be mature about this.

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I said: talk about the game, not the forum users.

it was a first time. oh. they got my character. i’ll just back out. wait what? I can’t play another game. wow
bad move. period
I;m just gonna keep joining and leaving matches now. my feedback is for the game creators. this was the first place i found to leave some. and. i’m not the only person with the same exact thought. but until they fix it. no money from me

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I think this should stay because in other games where the players aren’t penalized for leaving you will sometimes end the match witha completely different team than what you started with. This scenario is not fun and the people quitting are only hurting the experience of other players when they quit. Also if you didn’t get your character whos to say that the next person wouldn’t quit because their character was already chosen. When you join everyone has an equal chance at picking the character, some are faster than others at picking their character.

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The reason for the character select the way it is currently, it is to build a solid team composition.

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I think it’s a pretty solid solution. Players aren’t entitled to always get first dibs on the character they want, and if you back out after match making, even before the match has started, it’s too late for them to replace you, so if you leave, you’re putting your team at a disadvantage. Try a different character, try helping out your team.

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This is not a great way to act to something you don’t like in the game, you are only going to hurt other people’s experience because you don’t like that aspect? That seems pretty selfish…


Stop talking about other forum users! Last warning! Temporally closing so that people have time to read that and hopefully it’ll sink in.

Okay: has everyone got that?

No personal comments, no caps lock, just civilised and friendly discussion. Anyone unable to comply with this request should expect an official warning. If you don’t like a thread, don’t post in it…

Thanks. Carry on.

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"Well, to make another point about this. I have been on the flip side. Where, a player has either left the game, or been disconnected. Now unless that player rejoins, I am a man down on my team. There is no other option available to provide me help within the match. Other players who are wanting to instantly jump into a match, could potentially help me, aren’t allowed in the same match because that empty space is reserved for the person who left, or was booted.

I’m not focusing on the character selection. that is another topic"

I didn’t use all caps, I used them to add emphasis to specific words.