Will ps4 local co op private Campaign require ps plus?

Before im buying this game im wondering if i am playing local co op with my brother on a private campaign will i require PS Plus or i am playing local co op with my brother on a private multiplayer mode with only bots do i need PS Plus? That would suck if i do

Yes. If the host player owns battleborn the others in the lobby can access the main story missions and PvP.
I’ve had three other friends play with me using just my copy. I am the only one with PlayStation plus also.

I do not know if they will be able to access the season pass content.

Edit* I’m sorry I just realized I never tried playing without having my PS plus account sorry I think I answered your question wrong haha

I don’t know about the PS+ thing, but beware that, regardless of platform, if you want to play the DLC missions split-screen, you will have to buy two copies of the season pass/DLC.

So, you know, don’t make the same mistake I did and go buying the season pass (or digital deluxe version) hoping to eventually play the DLC split-screen with your brother.

Edit: Here’s a link, just because this is so out of the ordinary and will likely be met with skepticism. Season pass concerns

Thanks i wont make the mistake you did thanks for the info

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You don’t need PS+ to play private missions.