Will Reyna still be useful after KU release?

What does everyone think? Reyna is one of my favorite supports and the first character I picked up when BB dropped. After looking over the KU helix wiki it appears that KU has similar support skills but the “better version” of it. His drones can give health, amplify damage, can AOE heal, can be shot out 4x, can explode on people… it basically does everything Reyna’s shield and prioritize can do all in 1 skill. To make it worse, his bolas can slow and DOT, you can even change it to a 2s stun which is huge! Reyna’s ult is nice but KUs is better because of the heals and mobility it provides. Since KU shoots missles, my guess is that his DPS will be better as well. Is this the end for Reyna?

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Too early to say, imo.

I don’t think he’ll be replacing my beloved Reyna. He might rank just below her, for me anyways. But no one will ever beat those thighs.

He can’t crit. He’ll need a team to do good damage whereas Reyna comes out kicking (I’ve killed many with her level 2 alone). And here’s what everybody forgets. You can have both of them


He has big potential for sure, but we should keep in mind that many abilities are mutual exclusive helix choices.

I´m far more excited for support heavy teams - just imagine KU, Reyna , Alani + a Tank & DD :heart_eyes:

Reyna still has her place. Her kit will function as well as it always has in comparison to any other Battleborn. Gearbox no doubt takes each characters abilities into consideration when making a new one. Look at pendles. Some people assumed he would be better than Deande because of his perma stealth. In reality, he just performed the roll differently. Deande was still very much effective. The same thing will happen here. Reyna’s Photonic ward allows for a stronger push/advance. You can shield your team from sentry fire while firing at it. Her overshield with stacked health can save someone’s life in an instant. Priority target can be customised and used however you like. I imagine Kid ultra and Reyna would work very well together.

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I believe so. They are still pretty different

Hmm, a Toby full charge crit on a character while he’s buffed by Kid, the enemy is standing next to a sunpot w/ amplify, and Reyna just Priority Targeted him.

Ha. Aha. Ha. Ouch.


I reckon she’ll still be useful. Photonic Ward is just the best for when you’re trying to push or counter-push a lane, shielding from sentry fire (and bubbling people off the map). Like the difference between Miko and Alani - both have their uses, one for sustaining, one for saving.