Will Skins be a one time use?

So I’ve seen a twitter comment from the BL3 account that kind of says they won’t but it was worded a little odd as it was a reply to a question. I don’t care too much about applying skins to my guns but I want to know that I’ll be able to use them infinitely or at least more than once so I don’t waste them on a lower level gun or something of that sort. Anybody have any concrete evidence of how they’ll work? I’m guessing trinkets will function in the exact same way.

Link the tweet.

I was looking for the tweet and found a better answer. Guess we’ll have infinite uses so no worries

It would have been the Destiny 2 debacle all over again and to be frank, that would be stupid to do. If the competition (Bungie’s Destiny 2) saw massive backlash against that business practice, why should Gearbox want to implement it?

Borderlands 3 will probably have dozens if not hundreds of purchasable skins over the course of it’s lifespan, so there will be enough to monetize.

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