Will someone explain to me

Will somebody explain to me what am I doing wrong ? I’m playing mayhem 10 I’ve got mayhem 10 weapons level 65 and I’m barely doing any damage if any at all .

But they can stomp a mud puddle in me in a instances my shields are useless, my grenades do no damage non at all the only gun that does any damage is the expert hellshock I repeat the only gun that does any damage at all is my expert hellshock not one of the others do any good .

If it wasn’t for iron bear I wouldn’t be able to play at all at mayhem 10 . If I try to use Amara bang one shot and she’s done that’s it I can’t even play her . Now like I said I have mayhem 10 weapons for her also and they are both useless .

I don’t get it without their action skills I can’t do anything nothing their guns are useless , their shields might as well not exist and grenades have less power than a water balloon what the heck is going on ?

Please don’t tell me it’s my build I’m talking about guns , shields , grenades.

Guy’s I’m done this game way to complicate for me to play at all .

I thank you for trying to help me but this too much for me to try any longer it’s just to complicate for me .

Perhaps it’s the said gear itself. What gear and appointments do they have? And to be sure, do you let the hotfix sink in?

what gear? what build? what bonusses on your gear (mod and artifact)…

there’s even a build where you can kill bosses without even shooting 1 bullet in m10 :sweat_smile:

Yes I let the hot fixes in as for the gear I use gear for the gunner when it’s for the gunner if it’s for the sirens I use it . I have stood toe to toe and they win every time like I said shields break with just one shot .

When I use iron bear he stomps everything in sight but when his time is up I have to run and hide until I can use him again . And amara I can’t even use on mayhem 10 and she has mayhem 10 gear . I don’t get it I’ve tried everything I can think of from using plan Jane anointed gear to anointed exclusively for them .

Nothing works I spend more time running and hiding than anything else .

Build is what makes your guns, shields and grenades work properly.


I go from one build to the next I’ve tried following the advice from this you tuber to the next and I can’t get one thing to work for me .

I’m at a lost as to what to do this is no fun at all trying figure out what to do , why builds are failing me .

That is about as vague as it gets.

Shields health doesn’t scale on Mayhem btw. I’m incline to ask for build, as it is the foundation that leads to more.

Then tell me what builds work .

Elemental damage is hugely important, do you have that tossy modifier that reduces it by 90%? Or the 75% crit reduction?

Honestly forgot to ask this.

Don’t play at mayhem 10 then!

Take your time to learn the ropes, the mechanics. There’s a lot more in Borderlands at high level than aiming and pressing the trigger. The fact you are not posting your build and gears tell me you have a lot to learn. How you expect people to help you? You can have two different viable builds for mayhem 10 but what is true for one wont be for the other.

You won’t find “the” answer in a vid or from a forum post. Following youtubers “advices” without a good understanding of the mechanics is a recipe for disaster. You will have to READ and UNDERSTAND what you’re doing.
Luckily you are at the right place. There’s plenty of good info around here. Visit the Moze section. Take your time. Ask for specific questions. Not just “What I’m doing wrong” or “What is the best xyz”.

Good luck.

It’s far more complicated than that. As I said there’s more to Borderlands than point and shoot. You have to understand why a build work and don’t expect to have success right away. Moze can be OP and very satisfying to play but she’s also imo the most difficult to master.



The above link is database that collects info on guns etc, in this game. Farm for DLC3 weapons mostly. In particular, the Flipper. You will do better paying attention to the ‘annointments’ on the guns you get. They make a big difference.

Sadly, most of the guns in the game are not useful at Mayhem 10. The flipper is a major exception to that.

I mean, it’s kind of difficult to tell you what you are doing wrong if we don’t know what you are doing in the first place.

And whilst I would like to only talk about gear, fact of the matter is: What gear you should use does in fact depend on your build, with certain skills having perfect synergy with one item and being basically useless with another.

Also, some anointments just work way better with certain gear and builds than others.

Also, your selection of Mayhem Modifiers could severely cripple your damage, particularily some of the very hard modifiers like “Not the Face”, “Holy Crit” or “Dazed and Infused”.

If it’s not too much of a hassle, maybe make a quick list of the items you are using on what character and use a quick character skill planner like for instance https://bl3skills.com/ to show what you are currently running.

Sometimes, the difference between a build that will basically murder everything and a build that can hardly even damage enemies is pretty small and comes down to a few key details.


you misspelled anointment


:sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

I should be good. Only missing two or three anointments…
I have one of the three recommended bonus from the COM and Artifact and the Artifact is almost the same…

The difference between a mm10 and a mm7 build.

are you using anointment to their best?

do you stack damage? manufacturer damage, weapon type damage, crit damage?

for example, my classmod has jakobs damage, AR damage and crittical damage. my artifact has weapon damage on it and also using an ice breaker (+ damage vs frozen) on zane so i’m pretty much doing as much raw damage as i can pretty much squeeze out of him (i can 1 shot trashmobs with jakobs ricochet etc.)

i think you just don’t have the best equipment for the job (though min/maxing shouldn’t be that big a deal)

oh and check your guardian rank :wink: that is also a source of a crapload of power


I don’t get it i really don’t this idea that i have to have a certain weapon in order for my character to work is blowing my mind . It’s so confusing to think that guns don’t work without this or that build and when we talk about builds are we talking about the skill tree’s.?

It’s just so confusing and complicated in bl2 you can pick up any gun and use it in bl3 you can’t just use any gun without a certain anointed gun to fit that whatever it is . And now I find out that even if that gun or whatever is anointed exclusively for that character doesn’t work either .

I’m at a lost as to what to do.

On mayhem 10 you need synergistic gear. On lower levels it starts to matter less.
Start with mayhem 1-3 and work your way up. Read some guides on gear and builds.


No, just no. :slight_smile:


Well, I can’t, because I don’t know what your build, gear, guns, etc… are.

But, if I were a betting man? I’d say it’s probably exactly that. You can’t just go to M10, with any gear, and a random skill tree and expect to succeed.

I have one of each Vault Hunter at 65.

I main Moze. By the end of the weekend, all of my Moze’s (save my banker) will be 65. I’m the most intimately familiar with her.

I can gladly help you take a look at the build, gear, etc… that you are using, and see what can be improved.

Hell, if you’re on PS4, I’ll gladly send you gear. While I’ve not yet refarmed “everything” at 65, I’ve got great Moze Gear that allows me to run any content I want. Takedowns, Trials, Boss Farming.

I have “some” gear for the other VH’s, but it’s pretty specific stuff. I have Barrier / Drone SNTL Cryo stuff for Zane. I have Rakk Attack Fl4K stuff, and I have Facepuncher / Phasecast or Slam Amara stuff.


Here are some builds for you, for Moze.

My “Mozecutive Hits” Moze
You can run this build with Next 2 Mags Anoints, and be fine, but I built this specifically for using Consecutive Hits Anoints on Maliwan Staples like the Flipper, Hellshock, and Beacon. But, that was fueled by Class Mod and artifact drops. You could use any of the higher quality legendaries in the game (that is full auto) that has a consecutive hits anoint, as long as you’re buffing with class mod, and artifact.

I have cleared every piece of content in the game with this build. I’ve used Maliwan. For a brief time at 65, I was using a Lightshow, with just “Weapon Damage” on Class Mod, and Artifact".

I generally use a MindSweeper Class Mod here, but keep a Sapper (True Takedown) difficulty, as well as a Blast Master, for some occasions.

Bear Trooper / Raging Bear - Moze
Grab a Raging Bear, and Bear Trooper Com with Action Skill Damage. I use the Trooper to mob, the Raging to Boss. Once you get each one with Action Skill Damage, you can go hunting for them with additional perks above and beyond that, to aid in the short times you aren’t in Iron Bear.

But honestly, I’m able to run most trials (save the Cov Trial), and Maliwan Takedown, and kill everything with Iron Bear. I can complete the COV trials with hits, but the additional perks and guns become more important on those runs, because the anoitned enemies WILL Kill Iron Bear

I have not cleared Guardian Takedown with this, but that’s probably because I need to get a Rocketeer Class Mod, and start trying that strat.

Face Puncher Moze
Slight Riff on the Mozecutive Hits Build, Meant to take advantage of a Blast Master Com and just never reload a facepuncher, while using a “…Stone White Elephant” Artifact. The most important parts of this build are going to be a quality facepuncher (anoint is more important than the x7 / x14), Blast Master, and a White Elephant with a

Cryo Stone
Fire Stone
Shock Stone
Prefix, as well as Melee Damage.

I’ve cleared all content with this build. It’s a good time, and pretty hilarious to watch all the damage that the face puncher and white elephant throw around.

Borderlands has always been gear dependent, but people are more than happy to help you figure out how to work with what you have.