Will Split screen be online too?

Hi, yeah I’d like to know if I can play split screen with someone on my couch AND online friends at the same time as well - both for multiplayer competitively (as well as co-op)

I’m pretty sure this question was asked before and I’m also 99.9% sure the answer was yes. Can’t remember exactly where I saw it but it was on these forums.

That would be me who asked and yes split screen for both PVE and PvP


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Thanks @Jythri! When’s that next beta happening?? And how do we get in on it-- I was in the alpha before but I didn’t know if there was more I needed to di

The beta will be open to all; no word on when it well be just yet; tweets from Randy Pitchford suggest possibly in April

yes co-op online, second player doesn’t need a online pass (PSN or Xbox Live Gold)