Will Supercharge Turbocharge BB? Or Kill Queue Times?

What do you all think will be the result, o wise and learn-ed scholars of Battleborn?

I guess the queue will be separate, because of the 3v3 thing. IF this mode will be super awesomely fun - then it could boost queue times big time. 4 less people required is a pretty huge boost. Good mode -> happy players -> many players -> less waiting time.


Less players means less full team stomps. Each players skill means more and the games will be faster pace.

Like NHL HITZ vs NHL 17. Different fun for different reasons.


Supercharge is about the only thing that might win me back - I just have to find two other Australians and I get a 50% chance of green bar every game!

And then complaints about red bar from US players will skyrocket :smirk:


And the levels of strategery bullpucky I can conceive of will grow exponentially

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(Bane voice):
You think the red bar is your ally? I was BORN with a red bar. RAISED by it. I didn’t see a healthy connection until i was already past CR100, and by then it was nothing but-

Takes off Bane mask.

A-Actually, it’s pretty awesome! Hope it works out for you!


Some of us have had red bar since the beginning… bring it on lol

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If it’s any consolation, everyone in the game is lagging now so if you wanna come back now is the time :stuck_out_tongue: