Will the Android version get more characters and DLC

I really hope that in the future that the DLC the console and PC received are available for the android version. Gearbox if you’re listening please make this happen.

Uhhh… BL2 is for Android? You might be thinking about TFTB…

I assume he means this.

Both at this point actually. Yeah, they are both on the Nvidia Shield devices.

Oh.my.god! Well, better save $350+ just for a shield portable.

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Sadly, they aren’t in production anymore. The tablets are pretty decent. which brings me to the fact that borderlands 2 and the pre-sequel are only available for the Shield Tablet and Shield TV.

@seanegraham Finally found someone who plays in android. Do you know how to play multiplayer? How do I add people? Any help will be very appreciated

I’ve also been trying to figure this out. I would love multiplayer and dlc on android.