Will the Borderlands MMO ever make it to the USA?

I didn’t know what category to put this in. I just want to reach out to anybody who works at Gearbox. Will the Borderlands MMO that is being made for China ever be released into the USA? I’m very curious because I’m a giant Borderlands fan and think this game sounds very fun.

Thank you for reading.

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It’d be cool to see it as a free-to-play thing on PS4, like LoadOut

Hopefully this giant turd will stay in China:

Since when did Dr. Zed sell weapons and what’s up with the PVP? Honestly, from that Trailer alone the game looks awful. Hopefully it is at least “free to play” in China.

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Hmm. I had high hopes for it since I always thought borderlands could do well like a pseudo destiny. I heard it was also being developed by gearbox so it made my hopes raise higher. I have to point out the good from that trailer though. The customization is far better than any of the other games for the characters. And I like the 3D gun models in the store and the more detailed comparisons when looking at loot.

Maybe that zed is the third brother? I don’t even know if this games story will be canon or not.

The negatives I would say is that the monsters seemed a lot slower than normal. The Phoenix animation seemed like it was half made.

I can’t imagine this game would be terribly hard to translate for an American audience though. It seems it’s all English voice acting and since it’s being made by gearbox the script probably already has an English version.

I think this game would be a nice fit for the f2p stores on ps4, Xbox one, and steam. It certainly wouldn’t be the worst game to grace those stores.

That was my idea too.

GBX is not actually doing the development for the Chinese only Borderlands MMO. GBX has licensed the game to some developer in China. It is definitely not going to be canon. The developer is not using any of the existing classes from the franchise. I don’t think the developer is actually allowed to use the existing playable characters or skill trees. The classes being used are, more or less, “hybrids” of existing characters and classes. For example, one of the characters is a hybrid of Roland and Axton. Another (melee focused) character is a hybrid of Brick and Krieg. One female Sniper character is a hybrid of Mordecai and Zer0. There is no actual Siren character. However, one of the female characters (who at first glance might understandably be mistaken for a Siren) is somewhat of a combination of Lilith and Mordecai. That character is the one who uses a “flaming bird” as her action skill - a literal “Fire Hawk” or so it would appear :expressionless: .

Another YouTube video that discusses the Borderlands MMO:

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Hmm interesting. Thanks for the new information. I guess I’d still try it though since I’m a borderlands nut. And hey, it would do okay on the ps4 and Xbox f2p stores. Both have an underwhelming amount of games to choose from and a lot of them are low quality or simple.

You know what they say, don’t knock it till you try it… Unless it’s cocaine, or murder.

I’ll take this new info to heart and I thank you for it, but I’ll still hold out some hope, even if it’s less hope than before.

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It won’t make it to anywhere anymore apparently.

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It looks like 2K decided that in its current state, the Borderlands MMO was not up to 2K’s standards and sinking any more money into the project to potentially bring it up to 2K’s standards was simply not worth the necessary financial investment. This is a sound business decision.

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A Borderlands MMO seemed so counter intuitive.

Really glad this project got scrapped.

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I disagree that a Borderlands MMORPS is counter-intuitive. Strongly. And I think Destiny proves I’m right, a shooter can be made into a decent MMOG. In fact I think a Borderlands-based MMOG would be far better than Destiny is or will ever be.

World of Warcraft came from a Real-Time Strategy series. It, unlike Borderlands, wasn’t even a Role-Playing game. Destiny’s roots are from a pure shooter, with influence from the Borderlands franchise (something the Destiny devs themselves said). If Gearbox and 2K got behind a Borderlands MMORPS, if they really were enthusiastic about making such a game, I have no doubt it would be good, and it might well turn out to be the best MMOG yet.

The Chinese thing needed to be scrapped because it wasn’t ever going to be a good game, there wasn’t enough time and I suspect someone totally goofed in estimating how much it would cost, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It certainly can.

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I don’t think in such measured discussions there is necessarily “proof” of one being right by something as forward as comparison. I would although suggest you also consider that there are other factors to be taken in to consideration. I’m not sure what the reasoning behind it was, but GBX may be looking to re-invent consumer niches as they did with the Co-Op function in BL or as I believe they’re trying to do with Battleborn. They’re ingenuity seems to be their strong suit. They take down giants by being nimble and quick, not by fighting on their own turf.

I’m not doubting their ability. I’ve loved every product of theirs I’ve played so far. If there would be one I’d even consider, it would be BL. What I doubt would be their incentive in engaging in a product war, or spending countless man hours on something that practically everyone else comes around to doing.

Personally, the gameplay of BL is just a factor of many that has made me love the series. The characters and comedic value of the game is the greatest aspect in my eyes. Both of those would be lost in an MMO. I haven’t played one in years, so I’m rusty at it at best. You couldn’t translate the level of humor that BL has to the grind that is common in those games.

It could very well be that we are both seeking two different things from these games, and that is perfectly reasonable. To each their own. But I doubt that it is as clear as “_______ proves I’m right”. Opinions are more nuanced.

Not sure what a “measured discussion” is, but I totally agree, “proof” is the wrong word here. “Indicates” would be much better (Something like “Destiny’s success indicates that other MMO"Role-Playing Shooters” could be successful.)

What makes you think I haven’t? Listing all the possibilities, all the pros and cons, would have been akin writing a paper to publish in a forum post. And doing it for free. :dukecheese:

Umm, yeah, Gearbox didn’t invent co-op.

Gearbox certainly created something unique with Borderlands, but it wasn’t the first “Role-Playing Shooter”. What makes it unique isn’t really the genres they combined but the way they did it. Gearbox has many strengths, I agree, but I fail to see how “ingenuity” means “can’t make an MMORPS out of Borderlands”.

And I really don’t get what “take down giants” means. Take down who? And why? In my opinion anyone that makes a game to “take down” another game, publisher, or developer has almost certainly already failed. If your primary purpose isn’t to make a great game you’ve already handicapped yourself.

A war with who? And, again, why would they get in a war with anyone? It’s about making games, not taking over countries by force. It isn’t even about taking market share from a limited pool of gamers. And, really, “countless man-hours”? They certainly aren’t “countless”. There are no successful MMOGs that involve some kind of managing technique that doesn’t keep track of the hours spent on making the product.

Your reasoning really makes no sense at all. By your thinking Blizzard should never have have made World of Warcraft because they would be “going to war” with the Everquest giant. Every publisher/developer that’s made a FPS since Wolfenstein 3D shouldn’t have made their game because, well, Wolfenstein. The simple fact is there is plenty of room for literally thousands of games to be successful, and thinking that one game has to take away from another to make a profit is just bad thinking.

And why would getting into the MMOG genre mean Gearbox would be getting into a “product war” any more than any other genre, or any more than any other publisher when they make a new game? Again, this makes no sense at all. Would you have told Bungie they shouldn’t make Destiny because they would be getting into a “product war” with the existing successful MMOGs? “Oh, better be scared, you’ll be going up against Blizzard and WoW!” No. No one left WoW to play Destiny. In fact I’d say Destiny did something similar to what WoW did and that’s bring more gamers into the MMOG genre than existed before. Millions more. They didn’t need to take players away from anyone else.

Borderlands is more of a “RPG” than Destiny, and I do think there are gamers playing WoW (or played WoW) that would be interested in a Borderlands MMOG. I know that’s true because I’m one of them and there are at least a couple other Borderlands fans on these forums that feel similarly to me. But that’s not a reason for Gearbox to be afraid of Blizzard, it simply indicates that there are more or less traditional MMOG players that would be interested in Borderlands being set in a wide-open, persistent, and ever-expanding universe.

There are very few game genres, and thousands of games. New ones come out every year. Not doing something because “everyone else does it” would mean we would have no new games ever again (or at least not until someone really did invent an entirely new genre). And I strongly take exception to the idea that “everyone else” has made a MMOG. It simply isn’t true.

Umm, wow. This has me doubting you’ve ever played Borderlands or any MMOG. I mean, I know that isn’t really true, but what you say here is so far off the mark that I can only think you are reaching for “reasons” to back your anti-MMOG sentiment.

Grind. The difference between a “grind” in a game and “extended replay value” is simply personal preference, and Borderlands could easily be seen as one of the most grind-heavy games around. It involves doing the same playthrough 3+ times - exactly the same game except the difficulty is harder in each one. It involves looking for “perfect” versions of guns and other gear; not only are you looking for a particular piece of hardware, when you get it you don’t stop (unless you get really lucky) but go on to do more farming for the same piece of gear, just made with different parts. There isn’t less “grind” in Borderlands than in any MMOG I’ve played, and in fact I’d say there is more because there is less to explore, fewer quests, less dungeons, no real raids (meaning no content requiring the coordination of 10+ people).

The biggest difference I see between Borderlands and “traditional” MMOGs is that the classes in Borderlands come with pre-defined characters attached. You don’t just play a Gunzerker, you play Salvador. Would it significantly take away from the game for Gearbox to make classes without characters? I don’t think it would, but there is no reason Gearbox would be forced to do that, or to change the style of play and humor that exists in Borderlands at all. An MMOG is just a bigger playground, it doesn’t mean you have to play a certain way. Certainly Destiny doesn’t play like WoW, and there are plenty of other MMOGs that don’t play like either of those. Asheron’s Call was, in my opinion, one of the best MMORPGs ever made and I’ve never played another game like it, MMOG or not.

I would go as far as saying that whatever kind of limitation you think an MMOG has, you are wrong. The genre doesn’t create limitations, it expands possibilities. “Massively Multiplayer” means you aren’t limited to yourself and 3 other people, you run around in a world where many other players exist that you can interact with. Or not, that’s entirely up to you. “Online” - well, you do need to be online, but how else would you connect with a “massive” number of players? Other than split-screen you can’t play Borderlands with other people without being online. The types of games have moved past the “RPG” genre so that I usually use “MMOG”, meaning thinking an “MMO Game” has to be a “Role-Playing Game” is wrong. Pretty much any genre of video game can be used as a basis for an online experience in a persistent universe with lots of other people in a more or less open world.

What I would want from a Borderlands MMOG that the game series doesn’t already have is the ability to connect with more than 3 other players and do content more challenging than the 4-player co-op available now. I would want a persistent universe, something I could explore in, something bigger. I would want new content added on a regular basis. I would want new classes added without having to lose the previous ones.

And that’s pretty much it.

There are things I prefer, like having classes that aren’t pre-defined characters, but I certainly wouldn’t require it. Obviously I enjoy the character-classes in Borderlands (and in Battleborn) so accepting that in an MMOG version would not be a problem for me at all. It isn’t necessary, it’s a preference, and one I can happily do without. There is no reason to make Borderlands play like WoW or any other MMOG; none.

If Gearbox doesn’t see that making a Borderlands an MMOG just gives them the opportunity to play in a bigger universe then they shouldn’t make one. But as you say Gearbox is very good at doing things in a new and different way, making a new type of game, one that feels completely different even if they technically didn’t invent the genre. Frankly I think the MMOG landscape is filled with unimaginative publishers and it would be a blast of more than fresh air to have someone like Gearbox develop one. You certainly aren’t the only one with an extremely limited view of what an MMOG can be. Or, hopefully, “had”. :dukegum: :dukehappy:

Re-inventing a consumer niche and inventing coop aren’t the same thing, I think you may have misunderstood what I said or perhaps read through it a bit quickly.

You keep mentioning Destiny, I’m not. But it should be noted that you immediately keep juxtaposing it to the current industry standard. GBX is a company and they do not have unlimited resources, what they have is an excellent team. They may not want to concentrate on an incredibly over-saturated field when they’re doing a damn good job creating unique games.

Also, why did you quote me twice? I would assume you’re speaking on the same topic, but that is just more of a curiosity I had about your statements.

To speak to the topic. I didn’t say BL “shouldn’t go to war for fear the juggernaut which is Destiny”. I’ve said it really doesn’t appear to be their modus operandi. Again my friend, I think you’re reading what you wish to read more than what I’m saying.

I don’t doubt that GBX could make quite an enjoyable MMO, hell maybe even a great one (so far as MMO’s go). But you’re not informing them of something they don’t know. I assure you, people with far greater knowledge on the subject that you or I have considered this at Gearbox’s headquarters.

Please avoid the sarcasm in the future. What I stated was an opinion. There was little need to feign amusement or shock, and it does nothing for the conversation but bring it down a level.

Yes. Yes it is a personal preference. I do not enjoy MMO’s. I feel as though MMO’s for a versatile company is counter-intuitive. You disagree. We’re both speaking on matters of opinion.

Nearly everything you’ve mentioned are end-game features of Borderlands. I got up to UVHM without so much as grinding once.

Most of these games require grinding from the get go. But again, @Salvadorable, I am stating this as an opinion. That is all it is. I’m not claiming to be an authority on this. I do although appreciate your input on it, as well as the references you’ve chosen.

I’m asking several times in the same post. So I’m hoping this one sets in. Could you stop with the ad hominem parts of your post?

I’m going to speak to the substance of what you said, and feel free to respond to the content.

I do not enjoy MMO games. You do enjoy MMO games.

I don’t like playing games with people I don’t know, you do. Both of those aspects are completely fine.

I noticed you forgot to to mention one part of my post.

I may not play BL (or games) for the same reason you do. Both of our reasons are perfectly valid. I believe that a company with an incredibly talented writing team should concentrate their resources on something else. I am not saying it wouldn’t succeed, or that it could not. I’m saying this has hardly been what they do so far.

That is all.

I misunderstood.

As to the rest of your post - well, I’ll just leave it to others to read through what we both said and make up their own minds about it. There is no point in discussing it further in this thread. If you actually do want to communicate, send me a PM.

It a way to use time but let ppl know GBX is still there, not really that great