Will the Campaign Make Use of RNG?

137 days and counting.

I’ve had this burning question since E3 about Battleborn’s campaign missions. 9 fully fleshed-out missions and 25 playable characters is alot of content, and I’m stoked to play every single one of them. But (and it’s a big but), if I’m playing through the campaign for the 20th time, can I still expect a few surprises, or will I be running through a memorized shooting gallery?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve beaten Borderlands 2. It’s a fun game, but by now I could write a walkthrough by memory right down to where enemies spawn, what types, and how many. If I wanted to max out every character in Borderlands 2, I’d have to play the campaign 18 times (6 characters x 3 playthroughs). Battleborn is asking me to play the campaign 25 times, minimum! So how is it going to stay fresh?

Left 4 Dead is a game I think we’ve all played. This game had only 4 missions, a handful of weapons, 1 playable character (essentially), and 6 unique enemies (hunter, smoker, boomer, tank, witch, walkers). So what made it so replayable? The random number generator (RNG), otherwise known as the A.I. Director. The Director decided when and where and what kinds of enemies and items appeared throughout the campaign. A hallway that was quiet before might be crawling with zombies next time. A room that was filled with guns and ammo might have a witch hiding there now. In Left 4 Dead 2, they upped the ante by creating multiple paths through an area. Sometimes path A was blocked, sometimes path B was blocked, sometimes both were open.

This is just an example; I don’t expect Battleborn to be Left 4 Dead. I want to know what Battleborn is going to do to keep me on my toes. By my 40th playthrough, I want that same sense of anticipation when I see a closed door and ask myself “what’s behind door number 1?”

TL;DR - Will Battleborn make use of an RNG to determine when, where, how many, and what kinds of enemies appear throughout the missions?


That’s also one thing i’m interested in, as it’s something that make the game (At least the PvE element) life length much longer. After all, i’m still playing Left 4 Dead 2 once in a while, hah.

Not me lol. Wish I did though.

After reading what you posted, I would love to see Battleborn with a RNG system like what you described LfD has.

It always seemed to me that, aside from named baddies, enemies were fairly potluck in Borderlands 1 & 2.

Even in areas where habitat restricts the type of wildlife one finds, you never knew how many or what rank of critter would be lurking.

The entrance to Ellie’s scrapyard comes to mind. I never saw the same mix of spiderants there, ever.

I trust Gearbox to keep things interesting. They’re gamers. They know.

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In Borderlands 1, it does become a smidge predictable with the Badasses after Playthrough 2 but otherwise I concur.

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But it was always spiderants. I never drove up to Ellie’s scrapyard and got ambushed by a bandit patrol, or by Hyperion firing loaders at my via the moonshot. They might have been different color spiderants, but they were always spiderants.

I can walkthrough entire sections of BL2 from memory. Example:
Exit the Fridge. Sanctuary reappears. “Aaaaand I’m awesome.” Cross the creek, 2 stalkers. Walk down the hill, 3 more stalkers on the left. Cross the creek again and climb the next hill, 4-5 stalkers, usually one slagged. Jump off the cliff, 3 HOT loaders, 2-3 surveyors. Cross the street, more surveyors. Loaders and engineers exit the doors, 1 by 1. Super Badass Loader at the far door. Round the corner, EXP loader comes out of left door, destroys bridge controls. Ride crane across reservoir, large doors open, constructor appears and several loaders. Loaders and engineers exit though doors opposite player. Badass thresher eats beacon, 7-9 loaders appear via moonshot. Exit area.

Ive played that section of BL2 maybe 20 times. Battleborn is asking players to replay missions hundreds of times. So Im just putting the question out there: how will GBX keep it fresh?

Im not at all worried, btw. GBX knows how to keep gamers entertained. I know this because I loaded up BL2 yesterday and have been playing since midnight on launch day.

It’s always been my experience that Hyperion automation has always been more predictable than bandits or wildlife. I always figured robots are supposed to be that way.

Take the gate of Fyrestone, for example. You never knew what was coming out of that skag hole across the road. Pups, whelps, adults, spitters, elders, alphas, and badasses of any flavor. The narrow shortcut back to Bone Head’s belched unpredictably random mixes of midgets, bandits, bruisers, and psychos out onto the road to harass the town.

And why just those types? Because that’s where they lived. I don’t expect to see skags outside of Jack’s office on the space station.

I still go back old Fyrestone every once in a while with Lilith and a masher and hang out at the gate and make a big old pile of gory headshot randomness just to revisit and kill a few…minutes.

I’d love to see the idea of diablo 1’s random dungeons applied to FPS more.

Combine randomly generated areas with the AI Director and image the chaotic fun to play through.