Will the detection between players and the ground be fixed?

When using Caldarius’s gravitic burst he is stoped from moving the second he encounters even the slightes change in terrain hight, for a guy that hovers over the ground to be stopped by a 1 inch step is truly ridiculous in my mind. Will this ever be fixed or should I just stop using him? Honestly I love the work GB has done in the past and I did love this game but the amount of times they have messed up in the one game without fixing it or at least letting the communtiny know what they are working on and how they are goiing to make the experience worth while is getting beyond a joke!

I’ve never had an issue with caldarius’s boost ability. If you can walk over something without jumping then your boost should go unhindered. If you need to jump over an obstacle then your boost won’t magically cause you to fly over it. If you do find any area where your character can walk over it but it snags you when you trying boost through it then I suggest taking a screen shot and reporting those areas.

They have already done some patches on terrain issues and said they are continuing to do so.

So far I find the terrain not nearly as bad as it was in borderlands games and I’m glad they are continuing to fix it.

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Actually, I was a bit close minded there.

Going idd of what @Derch said, there’s any terrain that you think snags any character when walking then you should screen shot it and report it. (Or any part of any map where your character can get stuck)

I have this issue with Caldarius as well, Grav Burst will not go over the pads that Thrall spawn on, its stops you instantly once you reach the outer edge. Any map with sperate floor textures like being on Coldsnap and walking from the actual ground and onto the minion pathway can stop Cals Grav Burst prematurely in certain spots. Its all very inconsistent but for me, I notice it happens most when you go from one surface to another, as explained above

Edit: Also, in many spots I know Ive gotten snagged on, they arent 100% consistent, Ive had trouble replicating certain snags

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Annoying, but can’t you just jump first to minimize that?

Yes, thats a work-around but its not a solution; If the ground looks like its exactly flush with another surface that I can walk on, why do I need to jump? I mean, Cal hovers, he dont have time to worry about uneven surfaces… Gotta go fast!

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Yeah, I know. Shouldn’t be that way. Definitely good to report places it happens, as mentioned above.

This is something that keeps me from using his burst as much as id like, especially in pvp when im relying on it to initiate or run. i second guess when im going to do it now based on if thats a risk i can afford. so i pretty much only use it for navigation in pvp now, unless my team’s really backing me up.