Will The Diamond Room Let me Get a NoPewPew?

I love my lvl 57 perfect version nopewpew… It literally my favorite gun… It spits out 200 something bullets in a few seconds… Yeah ya need cutpurse but lol…

I killed grave warden with it till i was 65… Still does it superbly fast… Im kinda laughing at the “upgraded” generic legendaries because it still kills faster.

If only i was salvador and i could weild two no pewpews.

No. I’ve heard somewhere that the Diamond Room doesn’t give you items from limited time events, though that appears to be just about the only restriction, as it apparently can give you items from your owned DLC, too.

Can also get Arms Race items. My grenade wall had a Hot Springs on it. Haven’t seen anything from Cartels yet

Yeah nothing compares to this gun… Im watching 800ks fly out at blistering speed. With the 200 while action skill active… This things still lasting me at m11 65. Lol. As long it crits tho.

Is 200 while action skill active still in the game? I been trying to reroll other pewpews but had crap anoints. Havent reseen it.