Will the end credits still feature YES?

From what I’ve seen, the original Homeworld was notable for featuring YES and their single “Homeworld (The Ladder)”, which was made soley for this game. It’s also the first track in their album “The Ladder”, but it still sticks out to this day as one of its most memorable tracks (part in due to the game itself being memorable). I was wondering if the song is still featured in the game, or better perhaps, rerecorded/remastered for this special release.

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I seriously hope so. The game was inspired by the song, after all!

for legacy’s sake i hope so but damn if i did not find it out of place with the rest of the ost

I’ve heard from others that Gearbox have been activly avoiding this question because they don’t have the rights to the song… but man, of all the things they need to include, its a song specifically made for this game.

Music licensing is an infuriatingly expensive and long winded process.

I do wonder if it will still be in the ‘classic’ version. Depends on the contract that was written for use of the song originally I guess, it may have expired. I’m sure people will mod it back in, though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Considering Gearbox had the budget to spend to “upgrade all the assets”, wouldn’t it make sense for them to relicense the music, particularly one track that was made especially for the game, so as to make sure it stays as true to the original? Granted it was just a small part, but it was rather a significant part, since it was like an end credits treat, so to speak.

Not if the cost of that single song would have blown the budget.

Nonetheless one can hope! Honestly, that’s one of my most poignant Homeworld memories. The credits rolling out after the end of the journey, and suddenly you’ve got Yes playing a song specially dedicated to the story.

They have already well and blown budget on this project

If the budget was blown because of the inclusion of this track, then massive respect to Gearbox for trying to get this to be as faithful as a remastering as they can get.

Didn’t wanna create a new thread. This is related to the credits though. Will there be a dedication to Campbell Lane? I really really hope so. RIP Campbell.

Worst case scenario for me: I have The Ladder album, so I’ll just queue it up while screaming “ALL THE YES ALBUM COVERS ARE BRASKY FAMILY PHOTOS!”

Any news based on the preview builds sent to reviewers?

Its not just the song at the end but the great concept art that also plays when listening to the song. I hope that has been uprezzed to hd standards.

This stuff. :slight_smile:


As fans of the song obiously i thought id post this gem i found on utube. A live performance kinda of them doing the song.



According to TotalBiscuit there is an embargo on all singleplayer content post mission 4.

Credits are part of the embargo? I guess I’ll have to wait till the game releases to find the answer, unless somebody leaks the end credits by chance.

its kinda of ambiguous if the credits can be selected independently on the main menu but personally i would consider it post single player campaign content and thus part of the embargo.

why? did they give up on remastering after the garden of kadesh? do technical issues start mounting?

I really dont think we need to worry about the YES song in the game, it was designed and made for homeworld and with that they must have a long term contract for use for the game or a permanent contract as im sure relic (alex) payed alot for it.