Will the end credits still feature YES?

Its not just the song at the end but the great concept art that also plays when listening to the song. I hope that has been uprezzed to hd standards.

This stuff. :slight_smile:


As fans of the song obiously i thought id post this gem i found on utube. A live performance kinda of them doing the song.



According to TotalBiscuit there is an embargo on all singleplayer content post mission 4.

Credits are part of the embargo? I guess I’ll have to wait till the game releases to find the answer, unless somebody leaks the end credits by chance.

its kinda of ambiguous if the credits can be selected independently on the main menu but personally i would consider it post single player campaign content and thus part of the embargo.

why? did they give up on remastering after the garden of kadesh? do technical issues start mounting?

I really dont think we need to worry about the YES song in the game, it was designed and made for homeworld and with that they must have a long term contract for use for the game or a permanent contract as im sure relic (alex) payed alot for it.

To be fair, I would say Mission 3 itself should be embargoed. People just watching it instead of experiencing it is a damned shame.

Its pretty standard in the idnustry and considering how up to the wire the developement is I am not surprised at all.

@Nilok Mission 3 is part of the embargo.

Mission 3 of Homeworld 1 is embargoed.

I hope so. There are a lot of artists who sometimes contribute a songpiece specifically for a particular IP (such as the James Bond films), but I’m actually wondering about the exact licensing deal behind it since it can vary from franchise to franchise. Like the above posted videos, I usually see the live YES concerts in conjunction with some Homeworld footage, so definitely the song is IP bound.

It’s only a few days away but I’m still worried Gearbox might have run into an “issue” regarding this little tidbit. I understand people probably clamoring more for Cataclysm, but at least have everything else intact when it comes to remastering.

At worst, I can at least expect them to make the"true end credits theme" DLC if they couldn’t license the track on time. Heck, maybe strike another deal with YES and crosspromote or something.

Wanted to pop in to let you folks know that due to licensing issues, the credits in Homeworld Remastered Collection will not feature Yes.

While we can’t make any guarantees, we’re continuing to explore our options and hope this is something we may be able to revisit down the road.


Wow my heart just sank. sigh.


How sad. I hate this licensing woes, they sometimes do more damage than good.

Thanks for the heads up, though, we hope you guys can come with a solution to that.

EDIT: Just occurred to me, do you know if it’s still in the classic version, at least?

I prefer they put the budget on more importand stuff like newer ships/tools that can be used in a long term.
Then a song you only hear once when completing the game in my opinion.

Unfortunately, the licensing issue that prevented us from including YES extended to both Classic and Remastered.

That means even new people coming to the franchise won’t be able to enjoy that song. That’s extremely bad news.

Is anything we, as fans of both Homeworld and (maybe) Yes, can do? Some kind of plead via social networks? It’s really saddening that a legal issue is holding up such a beautiful feature from the original game.

Some new ppl won’t made to credits :smile:

Can we contribute a fan made cover of us horribly crooning the song out over teamspeak?

Also can I just add that the music industry is stupid. We can embed the song (which was written for the game) here but not actually have it in the game. I’m guessing because some licensing body wants insane royalties. sigh


Oh this is SUCH A LET DOWN. That song literally was made FOR the game and has lyrics that reflect the conceptual arc of the story. Not only that but it closes out the entire single player story quite damn well. I really hope that you folks at Gearbox can get the rights to it. Best of luck there.

Yet again the music industry are being idiotic assclowns and penalizing everyone else for it. Here’s hoping for a fan modification that will eventually restore it, because I know I certainly will.