Will the game add reasons to get non legendary guns?

Seems like every non legendary gun is just sold for money. When I watch streams the streamers just dump them in piles and move on. Feels like a lot of potential to keep the game deep is going to waste.

Does anyone know if there is plans for non legendary guns to be given a purpose?


Borderlands has been this way ever since BL2. The useable non-uniques in OP levels were the exception, not the rule. Using non-uniques in OP10 was more of a flex to say it’s possible, rather than the game giving you a genuine reason to use them over uniques. In BL1 the stat ranges for non-uniques were alot more broad, which is why it was possible to find non-uniques with god roll stats. TPS had Glitch weapons, which technically count. It’s highly unlikely Gearbox will find proper balance in this game. At this point you have to wonder why they spend so much time developing this unique weapon generating system only to make it completely redundant in favor of specific weapons. In the case of 3 specifically it’s intentional now with the way they hapazardly buff only legendaries and add new weapons that are dozens of times stronger than similar vanilla weapons. They botched balancing so hard, not only are they not even trying anymore, they settled for a band aid fix in the form of a new mode to make non-uniques relevant again at the expense of everything else that makes the game fun.

It’s sad when you think about it because BL3 was initally set up to promote a more randomized looting experience, with farming being virtually non-existent, no raid bosses, and a variety of slaughter circles and trials that reward you with chests at the end, but people complained about no farming. Initally Gearbox were more serious about proper balance, but people complained because nerfs bad.

So in conclusion, the reason why Gearbox didn’t stick with refining/polishing their inital vision of the game, the reason why more time was spent making the game more like BL2 over fixing technical issues, the reason why we have an ever increasing amount of legendaries capable of one shotting the hardest content in the game, is because Gearbox caved to the demands of people who wanted another Borderlands 2 and hate nerfs. In retrospect, it’s not that surprising considering alot of BL fans’ first BL game was 2. I like 2, but its loot system doesn’t come close to BL1, and the only games in the series, TPS and 3, that tried to recreate the magic of BL1 looting, were forced to cater to people that only care about farming, a concept that only BL2 was initally based around.


Gearbox possibly could’ve done, but they intentionally chose to highlight Legendary weapons in BL3 as the game moved into post-release support.

Some people dislike this. I don’t mind it personally, but I do wish that the Legendary guns were balanced more frequently. However, as pointed out above, Gearbox’s approach was very much a reaction to the players, who were very vocal about certain aspects of rarity, gear farming, and so on.

I’m sorta mixed on bl1 vs bl2 looting, bl1 is basically all chest farming for legendaries and named enemies for uniques, bl2 was chests are usually useless and you have to farm bosses for legendaries and uniques were only obtainable once from a mission reward. The Hyperion gift shop in the claptastic robolution is a lot of fun when you want to get all sorts of gear but trying to get a specific legendary can be a real pain, but in 2 legendaries having a specific drop is really handy but running and killing a single enemy or boss can be really boring and so much more time consuming than chest runs. I don’t have DLC5 for bl3 but I love the idea of chests being much more likely to have specific guns as even if magically every gun was just as viable on every vault hunter people have their preferences and own play styles and will want certain guns no matter what. Also I really hate slaughters, but I do know others like them, so I am personally super glad that they didn’t become a main way to obtain more loot

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I think this is one of the ideas behind arms race. Unfortunately, arms race also has things going against it.

I have always dumped White for Green, Green for Blue, Blue for Purple and Purple for Yellow/Orange/Gold/Whatever in all of the Borderlands games. The only times that I trade down a lesser rarity for an existing higher rarity is when the higher rarity is no longer cutting it for my given level and I have no other options. In other words, I have never sat and compared a White gun to a Purple gun of the same type and level to see if the white was potentially better.

For me, the higher rarity is always better, all else being equal. Why would I want to spend my time having to nit pick through every aspect of a gun’s characteristic just to see if it will perfectly mesh with my current toon’s level build-out when I could be out shooting something or exploring the maps? That type of micro-management has never interested me in games, especially when the power level of the gun drops with each increase in character level so all that work goes to waste. This is why I have always thought the whole “bazillion guns” marketing concept was a complete joke. As such, the lesser rarities have always been nothing but $ sources to me for all Borderlands games, not just BL3. So it is no surprise to hear that streamers are dumping/bypassing lesser rarities. But hey, that’s me. :smiley:

I would love to see the Grinder from TPS brought into BL3. Or better still, introduce a build/customize mechanic where I can swap parts on standard gun stocks. For me, the lesser rarities then become interesting as something other than cash when I can scavenge them for the parts I want.


the amount of lack of technical knowledge in this thread is blowing my mind

you people have no idea what you have been playing especially regarding bl2

but yeah bl3 truly has no reasons wish is 200% wrong for bl2.

bl3 core game needs an upscale or rather legendaries and enemies need a downscale to the original cdifficulty concept g earbox had pre mayhem 2.0 now it is unbalancable


Oh that sounds wild! :hushed:

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Will the game add reasons to get non legendary guns?


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The devs or director chose not to do anything with item quality…

Instead they just buffed legendaries and increased the drop rates.

Easier then trying to create something great…

Oh well, read Diablo 4 dev log a few weeks back and looks like they are trying to make every quality useful.

In this game I’ve never used anything but legendary since I found the first one 2 hours into the game (and kept dropping left and right)


Do you use many non-legendary in diablo?
I don’t recall a dev ever saying they intend to have only a small portion of skills/gears being useful.

I don’t really see why they would try to make non legendary more powerful. Beside the occasional buff to a manufacturer category. Like they did with DAHL AR at some point. Not enough to make them end game material though. Kinda of a bummer as many are fun to use and quite efficient in normal mode.
It’s my impression there was a few more purple guns that could be used in end game in BL2. BL3 is a different beast and there’s much more discrepancy between guns. On average dlc top gears are superior than most vanilla counterparts. With the higher mayhem obviously balanced around the top tier guns. Even the best purple quickly become useless.

What I would like to see is some of the non legendary uniques buffed. Or at least given the possibility to be anointed. I really enjoy many of them but they are trash starting in mid mayhem.

I like the way Destiny does it. You get one Exotic (Destiny’s form of BL’s legendary) for a weapon and one for armor. The rest has to be legendary (BL’s purple) or lower. This means you have to be very picky about which exotics you want to use. It also means non-exotics are viable. The only reason to use an exotic is because they have bonus features that purples don’t have. So you choose exotic you run based on what bonus features you want to run.


I much prefer this. I enjoy purples being great on their own, and legendaries if you wanna pursue a more specialized/exciting build. I do think its inevitable some legendaries will be more powerful due to their gimmicks but I think letting at least purples work good and balancing oranges around them to a degree is more interesting. No need to take away the crazy stuff you can do with oranges, but at least make the purples do reliable damage and have synergies. I wouldn’t want a limit to how many oranges you can equip though in BL.

Like rn its a total no-brainer to use a legendary over any of their purple variants.

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The gun game forces you to, some aren’t half bad, swear I came across a white tediore pistol that wrecked on OP10

How about non-legendary (blue, purple) guns having a chance to drop as glitched weapons? The Pre-Sequel had those weapons and they were super fun.

Identifying Glitches

Each Glitch gun features dull green text on its weapon card: Error Code: OxLxMxAx . Each of the " x "s represents a number, ranging from 0-4 for O verload, L oop and M ulti-shot, and from 0-5 for A mplify. The number represents the chance of the respective glitch occurring.

Glitch Bonuses

Each glitch has a chance of being selected upon each weapon reload, provided that it is listed on the gun’s Error Code with a number higher than 0. Each glitch will remain active until either the gun requires reloading or the Vault Hunter switches weapons. The glitch bonuses are as follows:

  • Overload : Overload can be identified by the Glitch gun’s binary becoming red . Overload significantly reduces fire rate and consumes an additional 3 ammo per shot, but dramatically increases each projectile’s damage potential to compensate. There is also a knock-back inflicted when the weapon is fired, causing the user to get thrown backwards slightly.
  • Loop : Loop can be identified by the Glitch gun’s binary becoming yellow . Loop gives the gun a high chance to not consume ammo, and will refill up to half of the gun’s magazine capacity upon each kill (when ammo is restored this way, it does NOT consume ammo from the weapon’s ammo pool - it is simply re-added back to the magazine). The weapon’s fire rate is also significantly increased and, depending on gun type, will cause one of two firing methods:
    • SMG, Laser or Assault Rifle - the weapon will continually fire until its magazine is empty or firing is interrupted by performing a melee attack, swapping weapons, throwing grenades or by activating certain Action Skills.
    • Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher or Shotgun - the weapon will become burst firing, with each burst being significantly more rapid and lengthy than Dahl weapons.
  • Multi-shot : Multi-shot can be identified by the Glitch gun’s binary becoming lime . Multi-shot turns the weapon into a pseudo-shotgun that usually retains the gun’s default fire rate and adds an additional five projectiles to each shot while consuming an additional 2 ammo.
  • Amplify : Amplify can be identified by the Glitch gun’s binary becoming cyan . Much like an Amplify Shield, Amplify adds damage to projectiles at the cost of shield consumption. However, unlike an Amplify Shield’s massive shield consumption and requirement that the shield be fully charged to activate, Amplify consumes a comparably small portion of shield and will continue to add damage to projectiles until the shield is depleted. Upon killing an enemy whilst the weapon is under the effects of Amplify, the user’s shields are restored.

One way they Could give people a reason to use them:

Allow characters to bring in their White & Green Rarity weapons and gear from the main game with them into Arm’s Race.

Not blues and purples though. Lost Loot Eligible Weapons should remain off limits.

If the vendors were balanced to offer more blues, but at a higher price in early game when there aren’t as many legendaries dropping, and do similar thing with purples, and leave the whites and greens to mobbing and regular loot chests, that would make them more worthwhile. Also having the vendors with blues and purples always scale to your level as a perk of paying a higher price would be a nice trade off.

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In bl1 and sometime in 2/tps legendaries really did just feel like unique purples, in that they just had a special effect with purple stats, and not some holy tier above and I miss that, some legendaries were just really powerful due to how their unique effects worked on characters but the existence of legendaries didn’t make all lower tiers pointless to use. Like so many top tier builds in bl2 used blue uniques and I’ve never seen that in bl3, i barely remember any of the unique guns in 3 as they’re mostly useless


One of the BL2 reworks converted all uniques to be Legendary. That and some of the swaps they introduced made me wonder if they influenced some of the decisions made for BL3 or that some of these loot changes leaked and influenced the programmers responsible for the reworks.

The Boring Gun was one I knew to be included that turned up in BL3.

Perhaps that was an aberration in itself and BL3 tried to fix that?

I mean, why would a Blue beat out many Legendary guns in BL2? You’d expect the other way around, more like what we have in BL3. So, all these blue uniques became legendaries and that was it.

Now, let’s also not forget the massively higher drop rates in BL3, if it’s raining legendaries, why would you use things from lower tiers?

P.S. They should take things like CMT, One Shotter etc. and make them Pearlescent. Just from rarity argument alone. :wink:

Problem with this game IMHO is,

Faaaaar to many legendary items to warrant use of anything but…

Said legendary are the only things getting balance checked and nerf/buffed when (not) needed. Everything else as said is just there because they don’t know any better.

Legendaries should have special powers which you can’t find in other rarities (this should be a trade-off which does not exist in BL3.
Best example, hellwalker… It’s a superbuffed stagecoach with the only “downside” it’s fire element only… And it drops like rain)
I remember a purple rarity Tediore smg in BL2 that shot bouncing orbs (will make a screenshot when I can) I used the same one (similar) on every Vault hunter and actually farmed more for those then I’ve ever farmed for any legendary…

How to fix this? Buff damage on ALL non legendary and/or have anointments only on non legendary items… But that also requires a good look at the balance in both legendary and non legendary.

And they could also make white items (no parts what so ever) have higher damage but really poor handling/fire rate high risk normal reward but really common. And so on.

Or maybe have a set bonus for non legendary? there’s many things they could do… But they probably won’t ever care enough to actually try and fix this “problem” or it’ll probably be an other mayhem 2.0 debacle all over again.

So at this point they only thing they could do is either
A) non legendary anointments only
B) keep adding legendaries every so often
C) completely overhaul the weapons and items system

And they’re probably allready opted for B

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