Will the game explain itself?

I am completely new to Borderlands 2 and have only recently gotten into games of this type. I am on Xbox One and I am just wondering how the game works. I am pretty invested in Destiny and I know Borderlands 2 is supposed to be way better. At what point do the raids open up? Will it all explain itself if I just play the story and level up?

The first Raid Boss of the basic game will open up after completing the main story. It will come in the form of a side mission. You can technically start fighting him after the first playthrough around level 30, but you might want to wait till at LEAST level 50 after the second playthrough of the story just to have enough skills. Basically, just wait till you feel you are ready, and they will be worth it.

The DLC Raid Bosses work much the same way. Their mission usually opens up after the main questline. There are a couple raid bosses with a unique exception to this though.

And the Raid bosses are quite a bit different from the Destiny raids I’ve done.

They are more massive health, powerful single boss compared to the 10 stage Destiny type.

OH. Also, considering you’re coming off of Destiny.

Raids are NOT the only source of end-game gear. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that way. ESPEEECCIALLY coming from Destiny.

Just a few things to read among the vast resources posted here and the internet.



Thank you guys for the input!

I started at BL2 without playing BL1. It explains itself pretty well. There are returning characters from BL1 and it might feel like you’re missing information, you really arent, and by the end of the game it’s rather coherent. Plus, if you don’t get it the first time, there’s 5 more characters and 2 more difficulties to go through.

Raids become doable close to level 30. Depending on how focused you are with game play and minimal dicking around, assume it takes 45-60 minutes to level.

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I HAD played BL1 before BL2, right on BL1 release, but it was just one playthrough of Normal with Mordy on my old 360, which then died so i moved on to PS3 and other games.

I knew i had to get BL2 right on release, though, and I did, and it was literally the only game i played til July of the next year, took a brief break to play Last of Us, and then went right back into BL2 until May of the next year.

That being said, no previous knowledge of BL1 is required to enjoy BL2, and there is soooo much to do that it took me a long time before i fought my first RAID boss, let alone defeated one!

Are people playing this on next gen that you know of or have people moved on to TPS?

People are still playing 2 more than TPS actually.

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