Will the guns, nades and shields that we pulled from "chest" sources retroactively scale when patch 2 goes live?

Just wondering if you all think that our loot from chests, Wotan’s legs, Aggy, etc will automatically scale when the patch drops. For instance, a Tiggs Boom that was collected from Wotan’s leg in a takedown in M10 before the patch, but you stored it in your bank.


How would the game know that you pulled your Tiggs Boom from a M10 Wotan leg?

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No they will not. The damage on shields im not sure how that will work if it will scale based on the mayhem level you are currently on or if mayhem versions will drop. But the protection wont change. As far as gear there would be no way to tell unless they currently have a mayhem tag the guns from chest are being tagged as m0 so i assume even if the other items had one they are tagged the same. Since there is no way to tell the loot was grabbed from an m10 chest it will just be left at m0 would be my guess.

Okay, thanks. That’s what I was thinking too, just wanted to see if I was way off base or not. I just don’t want to waste time on the takedown or Aggy if the loot is going to be worthless.

From what gearbox said in the latest announcement, they’ll add new drops in the latest patch, for shield and grenades, etc. They won’t “uplift” anything that already dropped.


Not sure the loot would be worthless. Just not labeled with mayhem level.

Damage is damage, players will be able to tell if loot on M10 just by comparing damage numbers against a patched and labeled m10 item.

I’m still gonna farm, albeit alot less until the patch gets deployed but ill still play.