Will the higher level of character need dlc to unlock just like borderlands2?

I just pre-ordered the standard edition, and wonder whether standard edition has an upper limit of character’s level.

As the DLC is released, it will probably force an update and allow higher levels.

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That is a little disappointing😔

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We don’t even know what the max level would be. Also TVHM/UVHM are questionable.

Just buy the Super Deluxe version and you won’t have to bother with it.


Not sure why you’d expect it to be much different after 3 games of the same formula?


For me the Super Deluxe edition is a little expensive, and I prefer to buy this edition on steam next year. But now this game is an epic store exclusive, I can’t afford to buy the most expensive version twice😂


Reasonable enough. To be honest: The old formula worked fine so far, but we don’t know for sure. There are rumors that BL3 will have an “Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode” at launch (called “Master Vault Hunter Mode”). That might be indicative of there being no further level cap. But we just don’t know yet.


me aswell and im pretty sure it will be the same but look down for answers. I wish i could contribute a little more. Heck there could be an insane vault hunter mode we could be level 150 for all i know.

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We won’t know about that until after the game comes out.


I guarantee there will be additional level caps in DLC. Why? Several reasons:

  1. This is how it’s been in the last two games and it makes sense to continue the tradition.
  2. It’s a powerful driver to get the majority of players to purchase the DLC. They may get 40% of players to get the DLC if it’s just story additions or for achievement purposes. But I’m betting they get closer to a 75% adoption rate on DLC when they add a new level cap because players love more power. Adding more skill points is very addicting to many people and motivates more than just content additions.

Faux what you are saying is very logical actually . I think it works well when it comes to getting fans to buy dlc and more levels more experience . Here is an example if max level is 72 and you pay for 8 levels to increase cap to 80.

  • Easy MoneyGrab

  • Bigger experience of BL3

*Additional Bosses or a version of digistruct peak or something

  • Enjoyable experience

I really doubt 75% of players will even get far enough to find the level cap.
20% for dlc at the absolute best, most people don’t play the same game for months at a time

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Lol, most people won’t finish the story once.


I’ll never forget that the first achievement in fallout 4 you get after character creation was only unlocked by 90% of players that bought the game.
10% of people can’t spare 5 minutes for their $60 game

If they are loyal to gearbox and 2k they well play it no matter what and beat the game over and over if they aren’t they will playfortnite and get a oof Royale

Just check the stats of your favorite games how many people have finished the story. If it’s more than 40% it’s very good score.

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If they are loyal to gearbox and 2k they well play it no matter what and beat the game over and over if they aren’t and i don’t need to check the stats i know im loyal im not gonna not buy a borderlands game if im a fan idc if it cost 650$ im gonna buy it man!

You’re right that most people don’t play for months at a time. But many people return to a game when new DLC comes out. And certain games, if they have the right incentives/drivers (like increased level caps), see many players return after taking a break.

I decided to run a test to see the numbers as I could be quite wrong on the percentages.

This is actually pretty easy to calculate using a website like Trueachievements.com. I use it regularly and it has almost 500,000 registered users. So even though it’s not tracking all Xbox gamers, it’s a huge sample size.
The Xbox 360 version of Borderlands 2 has more than 200,000 tracked players on the site (people who’ve unlocked at least one achievement in the game).
Around 62,000 players have unlocked an achievement in one of the DLC’s. That’s around 31% of the playerbase. If we assume at least 10% more people bought it (or the season pass initially) and put it on the backlog but never played it (which is extremely likely considering most of my friends backlogs are at around 150 games/dlcs) then we have around 40% of gamers that purchased DLC for BL2.

Those numbers are far less than what I assumed. But apparently they’re far higher than the norm. I just did similar calculations for some of the Call of Duty games for a baseline and it’s closer to an 8% - 15% adoption rate on most of the DLC’s. Wow, crazy.


Seems my number was too low.
I suppose borderlands is a franchise that’s more likely to inspire returning fans, but 40% is crazy.
No wonder they sat on bl3 for 7 years, bl2 is still making dlc money