Will the Legendary gun from VIP Rewards be a level 1 gun when we recieve it on launch?

Hey everyone, this is my first post and i have a question that i’ve been pondering for sometime and i’m sure you’ll all agree with me on this but i would like to know if anyone or gearbox/2k has posted info about if the Legendary Maliwan gun from VIP rewards will be a level 1 when we recieve it on launch or will it continually level with us? Because i really don’t want that to be the case as it would pretty much be a waste of time saving/spending points on guns just to recieve a level 1 Legendary that will become useless quite quickly.

If they go with the Pre-sequel methodology, you’ll be able to get it at whatever level you decide to open it. If they go BL2 route, you’ll get it level one. With scaling looking as it does though, it should be pointed out that a level one maliwan smg may very well hold it’s weight til level 10?

Edit to say: legendary. Obviously a white mali smg would not

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The SHIFT rewards in TPS could be collected at any time, and they scaled to your character’s level when you collected them. Presumably this will be the case with the BL3 reward/s.

For that reason, I’d recommend not picking it up until you reach the level cap. Personally, if I even do the VIP thing, I’ll be leaving it until the end of the DLC season as we can assume there will be at least one level cap increase.

Being legendary, it’s possible that it’ll be obtainable in game. If that becomes the case, I’d use it like a golden key, for when your loot is underleveled and you need new gear.


While the tps rewards were exploitable, the vip rewards seem to be one time only.

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I’m guessing here that it’ll be an Exclusive Legendary just because it says “Unlock a special Legendary Maliwan gun for Borderlands 3.” and underneath that it says that “The ‘Special’ Children of the Vault reward weapon from the Early Adopter Pack counts towards your total.” which again i’m guessing is also an exclusive? Anyway i could be wrong just my thoughts.

It could wind up like the Contraband Skyrocket, in that it’s a level 1, but the damage scales according to your level.


That’d be neat!

I know, right? I always liked using the Sky Rocket against large or flying enemies… coincidentally, it’s awesome against Piston’s Blimp in Campaign of Carnage. Easier to land hits with that than any other non-Longbow grenade.

Edit: After further research, the Sky Rocket isn’t affected by OP levels, but will scale to 80 with Fight for Sanctuary.

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Yes and maybe No. Yes, because the Early Adopter Pack is awarded for Borderlands 3 preorders. Maybe no, because it’s probably a rare or unique, meaning it’ll either drop from appropriate loot sources, or from a side mission.

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so what think it is there will 2 version of the same gun one in game you get but without the skin applied to it and the other being the vip version

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Why wait till the level cap? You’ll be able to farm legendaries easily at that point. It’s very rare to get a legendary drop during the regular campaign so I think it would be much more fun to have it at an earlier stage in the game and save it for other character playthroughs also. If we get a choice on when to open it I think I’ll do it around lvl 10.


I imagine a low level legendary to be overkill early game, I prefer to level with found gear.

We also don’t know what, if at all, enemy will drop it. It could be a very long and tedious farm. If the gun is good, I’d like to have one ready for me at max level so it’s one less thing to farm.

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Checkout HendoArt cosplay maya with a similar gun to get why i think there will be 2 version https://twitter.com/nerdist

This game has gun skins. You can apply skins to any weapon. The skin shown in the picture for the VIP is a Vault Insider skin, I think.

Yes i know that there are skin but we dont know if the skin will be exclusive to this version of the gun or will we be able to take it off and use on other guns, see what I’m saying.