Will the performance ever get fixed?

I pre ordered bl3 and was extremely disappointed to see how bad it ran on pc. I have since uninstalled the game from my pc and just recently downloaded it again due to me getting a new gpu (rtx 2060 super) and was surprised to see the game is still an absolute laggy mess! I came from a 1060 so I was convinced that this new gpu would fix everything but it didn’t do much other than maybe a difference of 2 frames. I know for a fact it’s not my gpu so I’m wondering when are the developers going to ACTUALLY make time to fix the performance like they have been saying?

You’re not the only one, I have 2 1080s liquid cooled and I can barely get 2 30fps post patch. Before the patch I was easily hitting 60fps. They pretty much destroyed the performance and haven’t done a thing since and probably won’t in the near future.

If you follow the big thread you can see the problem comes with the Unreal engine. It has streaming issues with very big maps. And when I play the game, I can confirm this. Every map I go into has framerate drops the first 5 minutes (2080ti 9900k). After that it runs quite ok, but every now and I get a small hicup. It NEVER runs smoothly.
I love this game, but the performance issues made me decide, that I put it away.

TL;DR I seriously doubt, that the performance issues will be fixed.

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yes… that was the reason why i did´t bought the season pass or the new DLC.
Maybe some day they will fix the performance and then i´m coming back … but i think it will never happened :frowning:
Beside that all the Bugs that still exists are rly annoying and the time Gearbox need to fix this is much to long

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A small update. I play in 4K but with the latest patch, it looks like that resolution is broken. Lowered the resolution to 1440p and it runs 60fps with no issues with everything maxed out but the screen tearing and the lowered graphics are giving problems with the textures loading when turning. You can see on the edges of the screen white strips stating it still trying to load the textures. It’s playable but, will need to keep it on this resolution until they fix the 4K resolution.

Not ONLY in PC consoles have the same problems,bad performance…not a good way to people trust again on gearbox,no more pré order for sure.