Will the PS4 version have a FOV slider?

One of the best things about the handsome collection was the fact that console could adjust field of view, the default made me feel kind of sick. Just an FYI, I’m talking about the regular PS4, not the pro.

I’d be surprised if it did. Obviously they have to optimise it as best as they can with the said platform. Once that FOV slider opens up, can greatly reduce performance. Not unheard of in PS4 games, but i’d love it too as i’ll get round to playing it on PS4 when i can (starting on PC this time).

I’m 99.9% sure it has FoV slider.

I highly doubt it for Amateur PS4. I hope there will be FoV for Pro version.

That’s why I always leave 0.01%.
Default will be 90 (BL1 had 70 I believe).

Default in Handsome Collection is 70 with max 110. In BL1 Remaster max was 120.

Default for BL3 is 90.

But thats PC. On regular PS4 it will be lower.

Any info on that or just Your predictions?

My fears :slight_smile:

Yes, it has FOV adjustments.

But only horizontal split-screen in local co-op.

(In Australia, played from midnight my time).

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